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" The status of the union is not uncalled-for. Making the remuneration impasse worse, strategies fostered by unions have attempted to keep going the idea that "a teacher is a teacher." (Koppich, 2005) Remuneration packets have been futile to appreciate that there are certain teaching assignments which are comparatively demanding than others or the fact that some teachers have more skills in comparison to others. (Koppich, 2005)

In effect, as a result of the absence of competition and perks for excellence, teacher unions have a monopoly relating to government schools. (Haar, 1998) n the process of attempting to shield their domination, school district union employees spend majority of the resources at their disposal to lobbying as well as collective bargaining. The NEA and AFT stand for the sole unions that the teachers may prefer to enroll. (Julka, 2004) Regardless of the historical competition between the NEA and the AFT, they have some common as also divergent sources. NEA was established by school superintendents in 1857, and AFT was established on 15 April, 1916 by a team of teachers from Chicago and some individuals from Washington that helped public sector organizations to emerge during the 1960s on a wider magnitude and with so less of the social clashes that symbolized the nascent years of private sector unionism. (Haar; Lieberman; Troy, 1994)

NEA/AFT in concert presently admits nearly 2.5 million teachers. Hence, the teacher unions are considered to be a monopoly with another monopoly on top of it. Initially the NEA and AFT were unconcerned regarding the chance that directives would be outsourced. With the rising support for school preference, nevertheless the NEA/AFT attempt to induce teachers that their teaching jobs or job pensions will be in peril, in case the issue of school choice is made into a law. (Lieberman, 2001) the NEA and AFT are the heavyweights of


These teacher unions are the equivalents of yesteryear public sector giant corporate trusts and are adverse to the public concern similar to the these yesteryear corporate trusts. (Finn, 2003)

To conclude, it may be said that in spite of the increasing grievances in the teaching profession as that of low wages, overload and overworking hours, class management problems, harassment and so on, teacher unions have not risen up to the level required to find solutions to the grievances of the teachers. Teacher unions on the other hand are directly contributing to the decay of the U.S. education system by failing to adopt measures to safeguard the teachers and address their grievances and to prevent them from leaving their jobs as teachers in search for other better and highly paid jobs.


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