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This was certainly needed as technology has also evolved from time to time and the nature of labor that was being used in the 1920s or so is not the same as is the nature today. This is certainly commendable. Along with the changes in laws, the emphasis on labor and its problems have also been shifted out of the center stage and matters that were directly being dealt with by the Secretaries Office have shifted out. This shows clearly that importance of the problems of labor have now become of a much lower priority and this is also clearly seen in the patterns of development of American business and industry where many production units have transferred their labor problems by shifting them out of United States. The government has also clearly remained out of the ambit of labor laws as no laws are applicable to government laborers. Thus it is clear that the problem of labor, their unions and the need of dealing with them have been treated as a necessary evil and laws have been designed more with control of labor in mind than with providing them a sense of equal contribution to the development of society. In a way, humanism has been left to religion.


The concept of labor has changed over the years and this has also changed the role of labor in production of goods and services. Today everything is so highly mechanized that labor has only a small role to play. That has probably been the reason for its change of importance in society.


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