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Imagine studying your own leadership strengths, weaknesses and coming up with a five I in which a person would need to make improvements? What kinds of theories are needed? One will grasp the various leadership aspects in order to become a better person as a Registered Nurse.

These are the various strengths of mine that are worth mentioning. I am an organized person. In fact, while I take care of my patients I make sure that get them their medications in a timely manner, so that I can help them the individuals well; this means making sure that I follow doctor orders precisely as well as hospital protocol. For example, I maintain confidentiality by maintaining the Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). Through this, I demonstrate much integrity in my work setting (Hakala, 2009). As a result, my nurse manager is pleased with my work ethic.

I also am quite intelligent, which is another trait worth considering. Since I am a Registered Nurse, I use my clinical aspects when taking care of ill patients. I have to consider ways in which to put their needs before mine, so that they get well soon. One would call this servant-leadership (Mattke, 2010). This occurs in at least 10% of work places and is quite uncommon but becoming a growing trend in society (Mattke, 2010). I would definitely say that this is my personality; hence, I am in the healthcare field to treat the whole person (mind, body and soul). I value my position, and I have to use my intelligence in order to people's lives on a regular basis (Hakala, 2009).

When I am at work, I consider myself quite assertive. This is another strength of mine that is imperativeas an RN. I have to tell those who are below what it is I need from them to do in order to fully treat the patient with the best quality of care. For example, I will tell a Certified to feed a patientwho is dysphasic. This means that the individual is likely to pocket their food while eating because of forgetting to swallow it. Usually, the CNA will provide a quarter-sized amount of food, and the person is likely to have a soft-diet. A soft-diet consists of having mashed potatoes, green beans and more. As a result of these efforts, the patient gets better thanks to the CNA and myself working together to get him or her well. A person who is usually in this condiditon has experienced a stroke or quite old in their age with the inability to actually function without nursing care (Durbin, 2009).

I use much magnanimity with my position as an RN. For example, Iwill get the patient a snack if he or she is requesting it. When he or she does not request it, I will make sure that the person is as comfortable as possible. For example, if he or she has crooked covers, then I will straighten them out. This is a small aspect of what I do on a daily basis, but my patients love it when they get this type of attention. If I have time away from writing down clincial notes, then I will take the time to listen to my patients (Hakala, 2009).

In medicine, I experience a lot of close-minded individuals; however, I strive to keep an open mind. I will do anything possible to pay attention to new ideas in order to make the environment safe, and then I bring them to the attention of my nurse manager who can decide whether or not...


This means that I temporarily suspend my own judgement in hopes to gain new insight from those who are above or below me within the clinical setting I which I serve. Through making this effort, I am showing anyone who wants to vent about a situation that needs fixed much dignity and respect through the entire process. Sometimes my own co-workers come to me so that they can talk about whatever it is that is bothering them at that time. I strive to listen to their every problem, but every now and then I have to tell them that I am busy with patients, and at that point in time; the individual catches on and gets back on task on what he or she needs to do for work as well (Hakala, 2009).

Another area that is a strength for me is that of remaining as fair as possible. This means that I strive to make sound ethical decisions as a means of in quality of care and to do excellent customer service through this entire process. I will do anything possible to give the patient and visitors a good patient in the clincial setting, so that if he or she wants to go into the medical field, then he or she is inspired by my actions. Before I make any kind of decision, I make sure that I hear every aspect of the story. When I do this I strive to use active listening through this entire process. As a result, the decision made is final but made with good sound judgement through this entire process (Hakala, 2009). Now it is important to discuss weakensses of mine.

As one can tell by now, I am dedicated to my job. I get to work in a punctual manner, and I stay as late as possible to get all the work done. I will go out of my way when doing business for others; however, I will do so as professional as possible. Through my hard work, people are pleased with the results that become of their health and the education that I provide them in order to help him or her to stay better for many years to come. In the end of the day, I can go home proud knowing that I made a difference in someone's life.

Everybody has some level of weaknesses, but I am striving to improve them as much as possible. I struggle to remain humble. This is because I feel as if I know everything, but I know in reality that I do not. My co-workers and friends are apart of the issue as well because each of them have the same struggles. I am quite sure that this is something I will have to work on for the remainder of my life. Regardless, I have now taken the first step in this area of my life that I know I have to fix, which is the first step in the right direction (Durbin, 2009). This does take time to overcome no matter I have to repair in my own life as well as when others come to me for advice with their own problems. Ultimately, I feel good about myself as well with those that I impact on a daily basis.

I am also not a creative person. In fact, I am focused in on the data more so than the actual person itself. When I am asked to find a solution, I immediately look at what was done and not think of insightful ways to fix it. Sometimes I look up to my peers in order for them to give me advice on how to handle the situation. For example, I have a CNA that is frequently late to work and her attitude is horrendous. I have no idea how to solve this problem, except to give her more work because of it; consequently, my workers have noticed this, and I am having bring it to my nurse manager to see if there is anything she can do. I know that I can offer that person a ride, but I would not feel professional and do want to put myself at risk by taking on an unneeded responsibility. As a result, I have a dilemna that could pose problems in the future. This is one of my examples I could give in regards to this issue, but at the same time I know I need to work more so on becoming more creative in my chosen field since I have done this now for 16 years.

Sometimes I am not very hospitalable because of focusing so much on my daily job at the hospital as an RN. This means that I end up putting myself first in most situations. I guess this means that I need to take care of my priorities and rearrange them accordingly. For example, when I am scheduled to have company, I will not allow them to stay for more than three days, and if they want to stay more than that, then I enforce that each of them should stay a hotel or motel. I know that this is not becoming of me, which is why I am working on it, especially as it gets closer to the holiday season.

Another weakness is that of not having much of a sense of humor.…

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