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The last part of Le Brun's advice regarding the supervisor problem is also sound. Complaining about the offender to his boss behind his back without having concrete proof of the offense makes the complainer no better than the person he is complaining about. Steve will gain much more respect if he does as Le Brun says and tackles the problem by directly speaking to the person he believes has wronged him.

3. Botox Treatments

While I would not quite use the same wording as Le Brun, I would give Steve more or less the same advice she did. Botox treatments would place the focus on the wrong issue: image rather than the quality of leadership. It is an unfortunate fact of our society that we tend to focus a large amount of attention on what a person looks like. At the same time, there is a stigma attached to obvious plastic surgery. Society tends to raise eyebrows at those who elect to have cosmetic surgery, even if it is to correct a problem that significantly impairs a person's function in society. This dichotomy makes it difficult for people to define themselves in a society that is both superficial and claims to attach value to the "deeper" things in life.

I would therefore tell Steve to forget the Botox, and cite a variety of reasons for this. Firstly, there is the haughty reason of attaching more value to what is "inside" rather than surface values. Secondly, there is the danger that people may begin to attach a negative value of the results of the Botox treatment are excessively obvious.

For these reasons, I agree with Le Brun, in that Steve should rather rely on his newly acquired leadership skills than on his youthful appearance to make an impression upon his colleagues. Indeed, regardless of one's view of cosmetic surgery, the fact that actions speak louder than words is a universal truth that no amount of surgery…

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