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Just this past April I was promoted to Head of the Standard and Criteria Development Office for the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) in xxx (location?

). In this capacity, I am expected to ably handle a variety of responsibilities including: Overseeing all aspects of standards development activities and quality activities in the Licensing and Specifications Department with all the private healthcare facilities in the area; leading and supporting the development of standards and criteria related to the healthcare practice; contributing to the development and on going review of DOHMS standards strategy and offering advice about current clinical practices, quality, safety, and service development; and keeping abreast of standard requirements and evidence and effectively communicating these to a variety of concerned individuals.

The reason for this promotion to the Head of the Standard and Criteria Development Office was because of my previous success as the Head of the Clinical Auditing Unit, where I created the strategy for embedding clinical audits and standards of practice within private healthcare facilities, set audit priorities and implemented the strategies of the audit program. In addition, I ensured that these tasks were delivered and completed within the desired time-frame. Other highlights of my career thus far include membership on the quality facilitation team at John Hopkins Medical Center and Member of the Board of Emirates Physiotherapy Society Provisional Member of World Confederation for Physiotherapy. Professionally, I have taken numerous workshops and seminars in my field worldwide.

One of the largest challenges that leadership will face in the coming decades is communication. These leaders will not only have to interface well with individuals at different levels and backgrounds in their own country, but also people from very different cultures. This will take a special person who respects such variety and sees the potential abilities that each individual can offer when motivated to do so by a trained and dedicated leader.

I am very excited about the future and what I can do to better myself and others with whom I work. I have been following my career path with continued enthusiasm to learn and make a difference where ever I work. Now that I have my Master's in Healthcare Administration, I want to take the next steps to make a difference in the quality of healthcare services delivery. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far and know that I am in the learning process where I still can accomplish much more.

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