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This program experience, concurrent with my faith-based experience developing an additional residential treatment program provided the core of my personal and professional learning of both direct patient care and cemented my belief in the need for such programs to exists and grow to better meet the needs of the growing drug problem in my community and many others.

Upon completion of the position of Director of Residential Programs for the Jefferson County Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, I sought out in 2006 another position that would further my learning as a community service provider. My new task would be based around not the management of one county facility but the development of regional programming needs in the are as a member of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission -- Quality Management-Substance Abuse Division. I currently hold this position which includes a variety of tasks and learning opportunities: Conducting organizational studies and evaluations, designing systems and procedures, conducting work simplifications and measurement studies, and preparing operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively. Additionally in this role I Conduct Program Analysts and Management Consultants am the Manager of Staff Training and Development, Training and Development Coordinator and the Director of Staff Development. In this position as well as others I have developed vast computer skills, community management skills and direct management skills and have greatly developed my speaking and teaching skills surrounding drug and rehabilitation counseling. I have also penned many manuals and two publications, designed to aide in the development of a greater understanding about community needs surrounding this issue.

In 2008 concurrent to my role in the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission
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-- Quality Management-Substance Abuse Division, I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant and am currently the owner and manger of Mitch's Smoke House Barbeque. This position, though completely different than my other professional positions, offers me an insight into my community that is both positive and fruitful. As the owner/manager of a restaurant the tasks are broad and are greatly aided by my experience in other areas of management. In the position I also seek to offer rehabilitative work to those who seek employment post-release from incarceration or drug rehabilitation treatment concurrently with offering quality restaurant services and products to my community. The challenge of starting my own business, while still maintaining my professional and volunteer positions, which also include many speaking engagements and other leadership responsibilities was one that was not taken lightly but has proven to be one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I thoroughly enjoy the experience and hope to continue to serve the community in this way for many years to come, offering quality food and responsible employment to my entire community.

Continuing my education has also been a lifelong goal and though I regret no on-the-job training and learning I look forward to keeping my skills current as a student. Though I am obviously a non-traditional student the new and current information I am gaining from returning to college has allowed my the opportunity at the very least to reflect on my skill set and broaden my understanding of self. Developing a core sense of what I have learned and done helps me daily to better understand what…

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