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Other safety measures would include using a matt or some sort of way to minimize the issue of falling or tripping during inclimate weather; and also keeping the aisles and store clean and neat so that there is little chance for accidents. Employees, too, should be encouraged to understand where the first-aid kit is located, procedures if a consumer is injured (911, etc.), and how to best protect themselves in the event of a robbery or altercation. The impact of all these will have two forms: it will increase expenses for the business and thus increase the amount the business must charge for the product -- part of the Cost of Goods Sold.


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Part 2 -- Business Plan Response:


With e-commerce now available, the consumer base is now infinite. Offering reasonably priced clothing for women of all sizes has a vast and untapped market.
Start-Up Costs -- Develop startup costs using two models: one e-commerce solely, requiring computer, Internet access, printer, postage supplies, and a warehouse or storage area for product. Second model is brick and mortar, requiring lease, build out, store supplies, employees, larger stock, display items, and a larger fiscal investment.


Strategy for Clothing Business


PRIMARY -- clientele must be able to find you, see you, and it must be convenience

Scout for appropriate location in busy mall, shopping center, or near high-traffic area


Innovation and contemporary design

Design for comfort, but also speed and ease of use


Brand the experience

Market for

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