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Legality Risk Management

Over the last several years, there has been an increasing focus placed on the quality of health care services that an individual is receiving. This is because, a host of studies have shown that those who are provided with the highest quality of care will be able to see an improvement in their levels of health. A good example of this can be seen in an article that was published in the Journal of Critical Care. What the author found was that the most successful organizations were focused on having the staff members working together. This ensured that they were providing the highest quality of care available. The most effective way that this is accomplished is through frequent physician rounds. (Pronovost, 2003, pp. 71 -- 75)

In the case study that we are examining, it is discussing how treatment options will improve by having a facility focus on frequent physician rounds. The pertinent facts that were uncovered in the case include: how this helps to enhance care, communication and collaboration. As far as improving care is concerned, the use of frequent rounds is a way of ensuring that the patient is carefully monitored and that any kind of changes are quickly reported. This will help to prevent a situation from becoming worse. Instead, it will allow everyone to focus on how they play a part in the quality of care the patient is receiving. In the long-term this will have a positive impact on the facility by changing how all staff members are thinking. This is the point that they are willing to do more for their patients. ("Standard of Care," 2011) (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

When you apply this to the standard of care, it is helping to ensure that there is careful attention to specific information surrounding each patient. Once this occurs, is the point that a change will take place inside a health care environment. This is important, because it is highlighting how the use of rounds can help to enhance care by ensuring that everyone is focused on doing more for the patients. ("Standard of Care," 2011) (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

When it comes to communication, the use of rounds will ensure that everyone is discussing the best way to help their patients. As, health care professionals will communicate about: any kind of changes in their condition and what symptoms to be watchful for. This allows all employees to be able to realize the role that they play in delivering the highest quality of services possible. In the case study we are examining, this is helping to build upon the standard of care. Once this takes place, is when the facility will see a reduction in medical errors and an increase in quality. (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

However, everyone must have a sense of vigilance about communication issues. This is because most organizations will become successful over the long-term. As, they are able to: build a strong reputation and a sense of loyalty from customers. On the surface, this makes a facility appear have the best health care services available. Yet, underneath it all there are communication issues that are developing. If left unaddressed, it can have devastating consequence for an organization.

A good example of this can be seen with Massachusetts General Hospital. What happened was, a number of patient deaths were reported based upon an alarm from a heart monitor...


This is troubling, because the staff was unable to quickly respond, which contributed to the accident. In this case, the lack of communication amount employees at the facility has been leading to an increase in these kinds of problems. As a result, everyone must understand when staff members are losing their focus and introduce solutions that will address these issues. (Kowlyczyk, 2010) (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

As far as collaboration is concerned, the use of rounds is encouraging everyone to work together. This is because; it is having on all of the different members of a health care team discussing the different aspects of the patient's treatment. Over the long-term, this will help to build a working relationship with everyone and other staff members. This is when there will be an increase in the quality of care that is being provided. Once this occurs, it means that productivity and costs will increase. This will have a positive impact on the facility and its image throughout the region. As a result, there is no failure to meet the standard of care or damages. Instead, the case that we are looking at is talking about how this will improve the overall quality of care that is being provided. (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

Clearly, the use of more frequent physician rounds has been shown to be an effective tool at improving the overall quality of care that is being provided. This is because there is a focus on identifying any kind of problems and effectively dealing with them when they are small. Once this kind of approach has been implemented is the point that it will make a difference in the kinds of services that are being delivered. (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

However, there must be continuous monitoring to ensure that any deviations will be quickly prevented. If this kind of approach can be taken, it will help to improve the overall quality of care that patients are receiving. This is the point that there will be a long-term transformation in the image and overall product they are delivering. Once this occurs, is when there will be change in the health care environment. Therefore, the case study that we examined is useful in showing how this technique can address these issues at a number of facilities around the country (rising costs and declining productivity). (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

Executive Summary

The outcome of the case is that those facilities that had increased the total amounts of rounds were able to see a reduction in a host of errors. This had a positive impact on a health care provider's reputation over the long-term. Once this occurs, is when the public will begin to seek out the services of particular facility based upon their reputation.

What would you do if you were in charge of the issue?

The most obvious change would be to have everyone focus on increasing their rounds as much as possible. This means that each team will provide proposed schedules as to when this will be conducted. Once this occurs, it will improve surveillance in determining if these objectives are being followed and it will establish a basic standard for everyone. Over the course of time, this will improve collaboration, communication, productivity and it will lower costs. (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

What could the organization have done to avoid the event?

In this particular case, the biggest event is a loss of focus on improving patient care (even when there are consistent numbers of rounds). This is troubling; because once various individuals become use to this routine is the point that they could become sloppy. To avoid these kinds of issues, it is advisable to establish some kind of accident and safety monitoring board. They will study the underlying trends in the hospital and determine what is taking place. If this is the case, they have the ability to intervene early enough to prevent any kind tragedies. Over the course of time, this approach can be used to help improve an organization's ability to deal with a number of issues that could impact the quality of care. (Burns, 2011, pp. 194 -- 201)

What risk financing techniques could have been helpful in avoiding this event?

In this particular situation, risk financing would not…

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