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¶ … lens into the worlds of interesting people, movements, cultures, and practices. Three films, two of which are documentary, show how the presidents of the United States behaved and were involved in scandal. Although the films were effective in highlighting the lapses in judgment these former American presidents have, it did little to help the audience viewing the film understand why it was done and how it impacts the country. With the exception of the Watergate scandal, a lot of the information shown in these films was meant to drive entertainment values more than anything else. Sadly that is what the news is slowly becoming, something that is meant to grab ratings.

Unlike the news, documentaries have the ability to truly develop character and persona in their subjects of interest. There is a scene in the film, "Journey's with George" that discusses George Bush Jr.'s dietary habits. One of which is his love of Cheetos and particularly a bologna and cheese sandwich. One of the people part of Bush Jr.'s campaign gave an in depth analysis of the bologna and cheese sandwich and compared it to a republican. He said the white bread was any republican candidate or politician. The bologna was the republican's lips, and the cheese, which was Swiss cheese, had holes in it like their arguments and also represented cheesy advertising.

Looking back at the way Bush Jr. handled his


The filmmaker caught the funny side of Bush, which amidst his campaign and eventually his presidency, he was considered funny but for all the wrong reasons. That one scene in the documentary was the most important part of the film in that it reveals then, a side of Bush that metaphorically represents his scandalous history and presidential terms.

Even when they were on the bus talking, joking around, and the filmmaker mentioned his tax plan vs. McCain's tax plan, he didn't bother to discuss it and instead focus on her supposed "handholding." All the documentary was in no part meant to badmouth Bush Jr., one could see from early on in the documentary, how little Bush knew or cared about being president. He was a good speaker, and handled people well, but when it came down to being professional, and caring about the real problems concerning America, he was more concerned with making a good impression and making people laugh.

Scandal doesn't simply surround former presidents like George Bush Jr. It also surrounded other American presidents before him. One of which is the infamous cheater, Bill Clinton. The film, "The War Room," shows the campaign of Bill Clinton for presidency in 1993 documentary film. In the film, unlike with Bush, you don't really see Bill Clinton, but instead see James Carville, Clinton's strategist, and George Stephanopoulos, his communications director.

During the duration of the film the duo handles things for Clinton including the Gennifer Flowers scandal. Bill Clinton is no stranger to affairs…

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