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Letter of intent: Diploma in Human Resources Management at McGill University

Over the course of my business career I have had the privilege of exercising leadership in a number of capacities in the marketing field. Most recently, I worked as a marketing coordinator at Best Kitchen and Bath - Modern Lamps. There, I engaged in market analysis; coordinated media-related activities; and increased the company's presence online and at tradeshows. Working for a relatively small, emerging organization was very gratifying because I was able to use my capabilities and knowledge in many different capacities. Previously, I worked for Microsoft as a marketing and sales associate. This offered me a completely different perspective on the field: my duties were highly specialized for this larger entity, and I focused specifically on the areas of organizing marketing events and performing marketing research. Both positions required me to use my quantitative as well as my qualitative skills to utilize technology and other methods to assess consumer...


This has sharpened my interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. I have learned how to adjust my communication style to be persuasive, as well as remain true to the company's essential vision and mission. Obtaining a diploma in Human Resources Management at McGill University would give me a deeper theoretical background to contextualize the type of 'real world' experience I have obtained through my diverse experiences in various facets of the business world. Although I have benefited from my leadership experiences, I would like to ground them in a more secure theoretical understanding of how to motivate people and to use the diverse capacities of technology in the service of modern enterprise. I am well aware of the extent to which business has changed even during my relatively young career. I have also encountered employees whose managerial skill sets have not evolved with…

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