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Lastly, the court did not offer resolution for the Plaintiff as in summation and appeals it claims that there was not good enough evidence that the accident had been an intentional criminal act and that if security had been provided the incident would not have happened.

2. The foreeseeable legal benefits of the case are twofold, that the venue and all parties in charge of it are not liable for this event as a result of the fact that there was no way to prevent it even if there had been sufficient security, therefore there is only limited if any liability for the city and the event promoter. Yet, the promoter and the city did receive strong warnings about how such a case might play out in the future if such an event occurred again and the acts that took


This will likely enhance the definitive nature of venue lease contracts and force the parks and rec department to make much more clear the responsibilities of the event promoter to provide adequate numbers of auxiliary security in parking as well as inside areas of any event.

3. The limitations of the case are also evident, as parks and rec may in the future be more reluctant to rent/offer use of space to this and other promoters for events that are known to be widely attended and possibly attract large crowds and/or criminal activity. This could severely limit the revenue base of the department and the venues they maintain and offer for use to the public.

4. The courts decision was fair and appropriate as it offered strong warnings about future event security to the department as well as the promoter, but did not cause undue burden on the taxpayers to foot the liability bill for an event that was not proven to be a preventable intentional criminal…

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