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The resulting quandary becomes one, therefore, that textbooks are being written and history taught in this manner so as to show and instruct people how they should act and strive to become - a rather false vision. What this accomplishes is nothing more then to relay to the student what is deemed acceptable to everyone and what is not - a general consensus filled with errors and inadequacies. When it comes to a student remembering historical lessons they normally do not remember what is being taught to
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them unless they are emotionally involved (Lies, 301). The lingering question for society to ponder is why are students being taught this manner for doing so results in our students not knowing the true history of their country. Although a sad commentary Loewen firmly believes it is an accurate one, given responses to questions he has asked his students throughout the years. As parents, educators, and historian children of the 21st Century need not be sheltered from America's true history, rather learn…

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