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Depiction of Two Films

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Lies and alkies: Singing in the Rain vs. Sunset Boulevard

Long before the self-reflexive, pastiche ethos of postmodernism that is popular today, films like "Singing in the Rain" and "Sunset Boulevard" used the medium of cinema to critique the false nature of Hollywood and to critique the medium of film itself. Both the films "Singing in the Rain" and "Sunset Boulevard" chronicle the rocky transition of Hollywood from a purely silent and image-based means of generating a creative pictorial reality to a talking and slightly more realistic version of 'real life.' But while "Sunset Boulevard" shows this supposed transition was really a lie -- talking pictures are no more real than silent life, "Singing" in the Rain was more hopeful in its presumption that talking and even singing movies could be slightly more realistic than the silent epics of costume balls and far-off lands.

"We had faces then," says Norma…… [Read More]

The lack of realism in the Hollywood machine is also evident in "Singing in the Rain," as in "Sunset Boulevard." The movie idol played by Gene Kelly begins the musical opining to the Hollywood press, with a flattering full-on camera angle that makes him look smooth and polished. He is talking of his childhood as it meshes with his cultivated screen persona -- however the viewer is shown flashbacks of what the star's real life growing up was like. Really, this gentleman was born poor and spent most of his days hoofing away, learning his trade dancing for pennies in saloons. The myth vs. The reality generated by the studio system is highlighted through this juxtaposition of flashback and present, also called the Kuleshov effect whereby a viewer associates apparently disconnected shot -- the dancing young boy becomes Kelly early on in the viewer's mind, although this side of the matinee idol is not immediately seen in the film. The fact that this popular actor's even lovelier female co-star has a coarse voice incommensurate with her blonde confection-like appearance adds to the humor generated by the falseness of the film industry.

But when sound comes to film, the only way to save the trashy costume drama the studio is attempting to enforce upon the public is to make it a movie musical, thus taking the matinee idol back to the truth of the early dancing and singing roots of his career. The cinematographer's choice to contrast the black and white jumpiness of the 'fake film' made over the course of "Singing in the Rain" with the reality of Technicolor underlines this theme of how talking films, even musicals, are more realistic than were the silent visions of far-off exotic glamour and locations. Moreover, because his female co-star's speaking and singing voice is so dreadful, the woman's must be dubbed. The actress assuming the woman's true voice assumes the career of the star of the silent screen, the far more talented and 'real' perky up-and-comer played by Debbie Reynolds, who admits that yes, she reads "some" of the fan magazines, but is still authentic in her willingness to sacrifice for her costars to make the film work.

There is no such hope for truth in film in "Sunset Boulevard." A corpse after all, narrates this film noir. It is set in an age where screenwriters were blacklisted for a whisper of communist connections, not a time of innovation, as was the 1920's setting of "Singing in the Rain." Only the dead tell the truth in Hollywood, and the talking pictures merely create an illusion of reality that Norma is shut off from, now that she is no longer lovely enough or melodious enough in her speech to generate images.
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Spot a Liar a Presentation Given by

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Spot a Liar, a presentation given by Pamela Meyer (2011) as part of the TedTalks series, Meyer provides a lecture on the different types of lies individuals are exposed to everyday and the signals that present when an individual is not telling the truth. Meyer presents her lecture in an easy to follow format and provides examples and visuals that allow the viewer to better understand lying and how to spot it.

In "How to Spot a Liar," Meyer (2011) argues that there are two truths about lying: lying is a cooperative act and although people are against lying, they are "covertly" for it. The first truth about lying, that it is a cooperative act, argues that a lie is effective because the person that is being lied to is willing to accept what the liar is telling them. Furthermore, Meyer (2011) argues that not all lies are harmful and…… [Read More]


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John Leo's In Defense of

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From that, he says, "This cynical attitude is strong these days on campus, where postmodern theory erodes basic truthfulness by holding that facts and truth don't really exist." He then tries to support that argument by quoting Two University of Pennsylvania professors who claim, "We are all engaged in writing a kind of propaganda. Rather than believe in the absolute truth of what we are writing, we must believe in the moral or political positions we are taking with it." According to Leo, this means that "Feelings and political stances count. Facts and truth don't." The non-sequitur is his conclusion that there is a cynical attitude on campus, with postmodern theory eroding basic truthfulness. That conclusion does not necessarily follow from his example of the dishonest Nobel Prize winner or the two university professors. This is a sweeping condemnation of universities that is not warranted by the examples he cites.…… [Read More]

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Gamut of Subjects Related to American History

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gamut of subjects related to American history. The underlying themes of the course included race, class, gender, and power. Books such as Lies My Teacher Told Me and Zinn's People's History of the United States present a more rounded overview and analysis of historical events than what is typically offered in public school textbooks or in popular media. Modern resources ranging from newspaper and magazine articles to film and documentary productions help to round out the student's understanding of American history. The course shows that history is written by the victors, which paints a skewed and heavily biased version of events. The time has come to revise American history textbooks with a more truthful portrayal of how historical events unfolded. History has shaped, and his shaped by, sociological factors like race, class, gender, and power.

Race remains one of the most important topics in American history, culture, society, and identity.…… [Read More]

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Kant Deontological Ethics -- Also

Words: 1025 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10421284

oss thought that all people should be benevolent and so if lying affects one's benevolence, one needs to decide if lying is better for the sake of benevolence.

oss' non-absolutist take to ethics is preferred because is considers what is morally right in certain situations. In the instance of a Poker game, it is a game that relies upon lying or "bluffing" so it actually does pass Kant's universal law test. Kant would probably not take issue with the game of Poker because it is a game that needs the aspect of bluffing in order to work. But, if we want to use the example and examine it purely from a Kantian perspective on lying, then we must consider that people are acting from a means approach and not an end approach and all of the players have the same intention in mind -- to wind the game -- and…… [Read More]


Bennett, Jonathan. (2010). Groundwork for the metaphysic model. Immanuel Kant.

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Ethics in Law Enforcement Sometimes Police Officers

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Ethics in Law Enforcement

"Sometimes [police officers] may, and sometimes may not, lie when conducting custodial interrogations. Investigative and interrogatory lying are each justified on utilitarian crime control grounds. Police are never supposed to lie as witnesses in the courtroom, although they may lie for utilitarian reasons similar to those permitting deception & #8230;" (Skolnick, et al., 1992)

Is it ethical for law enforcement officers to use deception during the interrogation process? It appears that when officers are attempting to extract a confession from a suspect, deception is, in many cases, commonly applied strategy. Does a code of ethics conflict with the way in which law enforcement conducts its interviews and interrogations? hat do the courts say about deceptive interrogation tactics? These issues will be reviewed in this paper.

Deception in the Interrogation Room

Is it ethical to lie to obtain the truth? No. Do the ends justify the means?…… [Read More]

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Rumor of War in 1977 Philip Caputo

Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7372658

Rumor of ar

In 1977, Philip Caputo wrote A Rumor of ar, to document his experience as a Marine during the Vietnam ar. Caputo does not "pretend" to write about history, politics, "power, strategy, influence, national interests, or foreign policy," (xiii). A Rumor of ar is about what it is like to be a soldier: it is a "simple story about war, about the things men do in war and the things war does to them," (Caputo xiii). The events chronicles in A Rumor of ar cover Caputo's service in 1965 and 1966. However, the war dragged on a lot longer than that. Caputo therefore writes an epilogue years later with more commentary.

Caputo traces the changes in his own perspective, as well as in the perspectives of his fellow soldiers. hen he first joins the marines, the troops believe that they are fighting a small and relatively insignificant war.…… [Read More]

Work Cited

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Scientific Knowledge

Words: 2208 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11338397

Scientific Knowledge

There lies question on whether scientific knowledge is able to answer all the questions that relate to physical reality. For many years, people have wondered what the earth is composed of, leaving them wondering if the nature's secrets will one day be revealed (Grant 64). However, it is notable that since Galileo discovered the moon in 1608, there has been a remarkable move by his fellow scientists.

A lot of studies in science including the origin of the solar system, sonata of the stars, how matter changes to energy, and detailed works of an atom, among others has not fully exposed the science knowledge. However, the human culture seems to change with science. orldview patterns prove that complex systems studies by working from their smallest constituents meaning from bottom up. These paradigms also confirm that the laws of nature pounce from deep symmetry writs in to the basics…… [Read More]

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American History Debunked

Words: 633 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20602266

history seems only like a carefully curated set of facts, figures, and events that when taken together promote a specific ideology or worldview. Thus, Americans focus almost exclusively on people, places, and events that uphold the idea of American exceptionalism. ars and the conquests of men overshadow the lives of women, and Europeans are given precedence. The quote by .E.B. DuBois underscores the inherent falseness in approaching history, given that on some level there will always be editorializing. Howard Zinn also reassembles American history in a way that subverts the paradigm that had been taught related to the supremacy of capitalism and the white-washing of key turning points. A People's History of the United States gives voice to those who were systematically suppressed or oppressed. Likewise, Loewen's Lies My Teachers Told Me undoes the brainwashing that schoolchildren in the United States endure.

Loewen and Zinn take up .E.B DuBois on…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Loewen, James W. Lies My Teacher Told Me. New York: Touchstone, 2007.

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Risk Management in Family Owned Businesses

Words: 4161 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78895817

isk Management in Family Owned Businesses

A family business can be simply described as "any business in which a majority of the ownership or control lies within a family, and in which two or more family members are directly involved" (Bowman-Upton, 1991). In other words, it is a multifaceted, twofold structure consisting of the family and the business meaning that the involved members are both the part of a job system and of a family system (Bowman-Upton, 1991).

Most families seek stability, intimacy, a sense of community, and belonging through the family business (Hess, 2006). On the other hand, whenever family and business are mentioned together, a majority of people think of continuous conflict, competition and contention (Crenshaw, 2005). However, "successful family businesses do not let the family destroy the business or the business destroy the family" (Hess, 2006).

The family-owned businesses are the backbone of the world financial system.…… [Read More]


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Focus on a Specific Aspect

Words: 1359 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96594595

lies for which we are truly punished are those we tell ourselves.

"It is wrong to have an ideal view of the world. That's where the mischief starts. That's where everything starts unravelling..."

"The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it."


Nobel Prize-winning author Naipaul published the story "One Out of Many in 2001." This story was published the same year as the terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center in New York City. It is no coincidence that he published the story with the protagonist of South Asian, and stereotypically, terrorist descent during this year. The story is a somewhat familiar one, of a man, Santosh, from a foreign (to Americans) country when his life changes. The man he serves and works for receives a transfer to Washington D.C. What is familiar about Santosh's plight…… [Read More]


Naipaul, V.S. "One Out of Many." The Norton Anthology of English Literature. (ed) M.H. Abrams, et al. 7th edition, Vol. 2, 2722-2745. New York: Norton, 2000.
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Mris Legal and Scientific Review

Words: 5397 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2692818

There are three types of stimuli used, which are:

1) Targets;

2) Irrelevant; and 3) Probes.

These are used "in the form of words, pictures, or sounds..." which a computer presents for a second or even a partial second. Incoming stimulus, if it is worth noting, results in a P-300, which is an electrical brain response. The P-300 is part of a MERMER or a memory and encoding related multifaceted electroencephalographic response, which is a larger brain response.

Originally event related potentials (ERP) was the method used for studying brain activity information processing. The limitation of the ERP is that it causes elimination of all patterns that are complex and results in the meaningful signals also being lost. The multifaceted electroencephalographic response analysis or MERA was developed due to the limitation of the ERP. Farwell found that incorporation of this technique resulted in the elicitation of MERMER when the individual…… [Read More]


Taylor, Erich (2007) a New Wave of Police Interrogation? Brain Fingerprinting, the Constitutional Privilege against Self-Incrimination and Hearsay Jurisprudence

Pope, Harrison (nd) the Emperor's Tailoring. FMS Foundation Newsletter. Online available at

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Christian Counseling Symbol Symbols Communicate

Words: 2560 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18985287

Finally, learning how to rely on and depend on others can help people rely on and depend on God. The exercise teaches the value of trust and shows that we can depend on other people as well as God.

7. Body Outline: Drawing an outline of the body is a helpful exercise for people who have eating disorders. It can help people recognize that their body image does not match the reality of their physical form. In some cases, drawing the body can bring up strong emotions. For this exercise, drawing the body outline enables participants to explore self-image: the lies we tell ourselves and the negative self-talk we bombard ourselves with throughout our life. We can see how some of these lies were perpetuated by parents, by peers, by the media, and by society. By exploring these lies, we can hopefully begin to see the truth: to see our…… [Read More]

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Evaluating Truthfulness

Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52933564

detecting deception and analyzing truthfulness. In a world where most average people find it quite difficult to distinguish truths from lies, law enforcement officials must train themselves to better detect the psychological and physical clues associated with lying. This ultimately means using combined strategies to find red flags and then drill suspects on issues that may signify deception. elying solely on tests may not be as reliable as taking a more holistic approach to detecting deception.

The complex nature of understanding truthfulness and deception has to be broken down into smaller concepts, so that law enforcement officials can effectively use their skills to detect deception. There is no single, fool proof way to catch some one in a lie. In fact, every person has their own different cues and idiosyncrasies they do when they lie. It is the job of law enforcement officials to understand the most common cues and…… [Read More]


Adelson, Rachel. (2004). Detecting deception. American Psychological Association. Web.

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Business Ethics in 2000 Immediately

Words: 967 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39238262

In the case of Enron, upper-level executives went too far. By blatantly lying on numerous occasions about the value of their stock, participants like CEO Kenneth Lay overstepped the boundaries of utilitarian lying.

Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between ethics and profitability in the business world. Studies indicate a "positive but not definitive" relationship between ethical behavior and financial success (ebley and More). Especially in the wake of the Enron disaster, investors and employees are looking toward companies with stronger ethical codes. Research has also indicated that companies that overtly refer to their codes of ethics in their annual reports and other public communications fare better than those that don't, in terms of economic added value (EVA), market added value (MVA), and reduced volatility (ebley and More).

Such research does not indicate a causal relationship between ethical behavior and profitability. hat such research indicates is not necessarily…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Women in Love -- DH

Words: 2721 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1162508

If he finds writhing around in plants and flowers naked more enjoyable than being with a woman he is weird and he's hiding his true self most of the time in the novel.

In his brief paragraph about omen in Love, Critic R.P. Draper claims that Rupert Birkin and Ursula provide a "creative counterpoint to the destructive relationship" between Ursula's sister Gudrun and Gerald Crich. It may come as a surprise to some readers of this novel that, according to Draper, Birkin plays a role as "prophet of a new conception of 'polarity' between man and woman, which involves both mutual commitment and a balanced independence" (Draper, 1991). Fortunately for his credibility Draper adds that Birkin "also believes in the need for a relationship of 'blood brotherhood" between man and man." This need to have a man on the side while married to a woman, Draper goes on is done…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Hemingway Analysis the Returning of Soldiers From

Words: 2978 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60519256

Hemingway Analysis

The Returning of Soldiers from Combat in America

"Soldiers Home"

Although Earnest Hemmingway's, "Soldiers Home" (187) was written in 1925, and the war at that time was different, there are several things in the story that still ring true today for servicemen. In "Soldiers Home" (187) Krebs, the main character in the story goes through some changes while he is away fighting in the Marine Corps. Krebs was a young man from Kansas who is in college at the time that he is drafted into the Marine Corps. So he leaves his friends and family to go overseas to fight for his country, as do the young men and women of todays armed forces. As told by the author Krebs fights in some of the toughest battles that were ever fought, "Belau ood, Soissons, Champagne St. Mihiel, and The Argonne Forrest" (187), he feels out of place when…… [Read More]

With Krebs not really trusting his parents, and his loss of love as well the author shows the reader several issues that can affect a soldier returning home from combat. Along with the loss of interest in relationships, and not having a reason to interact with the towns people or even listen to his parents, they all show some of the struggles facing returning servicemen and women then and today, and that they have faced upon their return from foreign places where they have been busily waging war for the entire twentieth century (Associated Content)

The problems with the American soldier returning home from combat are worse than people may think. They go a lot deeper than people may think. They can range from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, hearing loss, anxiety, depression, and even isolation. These are the problems that are unseen by society and have been written about since at least 1925. Hemingway's story is not prescient or "ahead of its tie" because it recognized and described the issues of coming home from war in ways that can be identified with modern diagnoses and that reflect modern experiences. Instead, it is the simple commonality of the experiences of warfare that existed in the First World War and that still exist in today's military conflicts that makes this work still relevant. The fact that Hemingway so accurately describes a case of post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that this disorder still exists, and for the same reasons it existed nearly a hundred years ago. Until mankind learns to end warfare, traumas like those experienced by Krebs and by real soldiers in ongoing wars will continue to lead to the development f psychological disorders like PTSD as described in "Soldier's Home" and by countless servicemen and servicewomen that have served honorably in places of combat today.

As Krebs returns home from war in 1919, he is faced with issues of being back in the civilian society. Whether a soldier fought in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, or Iraq and Afghanistan, the problems of the returning veteran are handled the same then as they are now personally, within the soldier and with the general public.
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Good Man Is Hartd to

Words: 1970 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44557825

Both have in their own way gone against the norm. When Babli, embittered by the men in her life, and after losing hope of ever having the man she loves decides to have a baby alone, she breaks her fathers will. For in a traditional Hindu family the girl accepts the match set up by the father, but here, we read how she chooses her mate, loses him and then goes against her own values to have a child. it's the ultimate rebellion from the conventional ways and undermines the very conception of hindu family values as understood by the traditional Indians, and hence creates a conflict of conventional and modern ways and starts the debate of whether second and third generation immigrants will ever completely follow their own cultures as set forth by their parents.

5. The Gold-Legged Frog by Khamsing Srinawk

Passage: "You sure are lucky,' the words…… [Read More]

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Shakespeare's Sonnet 138 Shakespeare's Sonnet 138

Words: 1164 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30507626

Shakespeare's Sonnet # 138

Shakespeare's "Sonnet 138"

illiam Shakespeare's "Sonnet 138" provides audiences with the opportunity to get a more complex understanding of the speaker's relationship with the Dark Lady and concerning the insecurities that come to dominate his thinking as a result of him growing older. It seems that this relationship has become platonic and it influenced the speaker to experience an emotional detachment as he concentrates on turning a blind eye to what goes on around him -- he simply prefers to ignore the fact that she lies to him and that she is cheating on him with other men. The sonnet actually puts across a psychological study with regard to ideas like love, adultery, and acceptance of one's position in the world.

The speaker focuses both on himself and his mistress in trying to provide audiences with a thorough account about their affair. Even with the fact…… [Read More]

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Job of the CEO of a Company

Words: 3267 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83490052

job of the CEO of a company is to show leadership not just when everything is going smoothly but when there is conflict, when there is uncertainty, and when the organizational situation enters into a situation with complexities that are new and unsettling. This paper references the existing scholarly literature in terms of providing ideas, strategies -- to be used as organizational tools -- that are available to the alert, competent CEO.

"Organizations are increasingly subject to conflicting demands imposed by their institutional environments. This makes compliance impossible to achieve, because satisfying some demands requires defying others… [what is needed is a] more precise model of organizational response that takes into account intraorganizational political processes…"

(Pache Essec, et al., 2010, p. 455).

Conflict Resolution Strategies and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Samuel O. Salami (University of Ibadan, Nigeria) explains that in order to resolve conflicts, some organizations need counseling by organizational psychologists…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Effects of demographic faultlines and conflict in small work groups. Journal of Organizational Behavior, Volume 31, 1032-1054.

Dirks, Kurt T., Lewicki, Roy J., and Zaheer, Akbar. (2009). Repairing Relationships Within

and Between Organizations: Building a Conceptual Foundation. Academy of Management
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Case Study on Employee Layoff

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3612361

Employee Layoff

A friend in California has just lost his job in a layoff together with 98 other employees in the same private sector company. The company's administrators have told him that he was included in the recent layoff because of his refusal to take a lie detector test regarding some drugs that were found in his company locker. He also declined to take a drug test since he was afraid that a positive result would make the state child protection agency to take away custody of his children. This situation is an example of a scenario with legal ramifications on the basis of several regulations such as Polygraph Protection Act, Worker Adjustment and etraining Notification Act, Privacy laws, Drug Testing laws, and OSHA.

Generally, the use of lie detector tests in the workplace is not geared towards determining whether an employee is telling the truth but to examine whether…… [Read More]


"Employees' Rights in the Workplace." (1999). The Maryland State Bar Association, Inc.

Retrieved May 9, 2014, from

"Lie Detector Tests." (2008). Can My Boss Do That? Retrieved May 9, 2014, from
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Arguments for Limiting Free Speech

Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21176640

limiting free speech ID: 53711

The arguments most often used for limiting freedom of speech include national security, protecting the public from disrupting influences at home, and protecting the public against such things as pornography.

Of the three most often given reasons for limiting freedom of speech, national security may well be the most used. President after president, regardless of party has used national security as a reason to not answer questions that might be embarrassing personally or would show their administration as behaving in ways that would upset the populace. Although there are many examples of government apply the "national security" label to various situations, perhaps some of the stories that are associated with the Iran-Contra issue best display what government uses limitations on free speech for. In horrific tangle of lies double and triple dealing that resulted in the deaths of many Nicaraguans, the egan administration sought to…… [Read More]


Curtis, M.K. (1995). Critics of "Free Speech" and the Uses of the Past. Constitutional Commentary, 12(1), 29-65. Retrieved August 5, 2005, from Questia database,

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Reflections and Farewell. (2002). Social Work, 47(1), 5+. Retrieved August 5, 2005, from Questia database,
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Police Values What Is Right and What Is Wrong

Words: 928 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32623227

Corrections / Police / Criminal Justice

ould I lie to a suspect to get a confession even it was legal to do so?

Legal or not, lying to get a confession creates a moral black hole for an officer. To wit, how would an officer who was otherwise a good Christian later feel about getting a conviction albeit he obtained that conviction through deception? That is the question here. Chances are he would feel guilty; and it's possible that his wife, if she knew he used lies to tease a confession out of a suspect, would confront him. He would have had no place to hide from his sin in his earthly world and certainly spiritually he would live with a sense of guilt. Looked at a different way, when a good officer who was not a Christian but has always practiced ethical values is told by his superiors in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Jones, J.R. (2006). Reputable Conduct: Ethical Issues in Policing and Corrections. Don Mills,

Ontario: Pearson Canada.

Perez-Pena. R. (2012). Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No

Exception. The New York Times. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from .
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Algebra Trig Find the Radian Measure of

Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92153160

Algebra, Trig

Find the radian measure of the central angle of a circle of radius r = 4 inches that intercepts an arc length s = 20 inches.

The formula for an arc length is a = r?, where'd is the arc length, ? is the central angle in radians, and r is the radius. That said, s = 20, r = 4, and ? is unknown.

= 5 radians

The central angle is 5 radians.

In which quadrant will the angle 100 degrees lie in the standard position?

The angle of 100 degrees will lie in Quadrant II.

In which quadrant will the angle -305 degrees lie in the standard position?

The angle of -305 degrees will lie in Quadrant I.

Find the length of the arc on a circle of radius r = 5 yards intercepted by a central angle 0 = 70 degrees.

The formula for an…… [Read More]

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel According

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Therefore the commerce under analysis is not a mere relation of exchange, but is a relation in which two forces become actively involved. Since it is man who initiates the process then it results that man is free to act as he wishes and not determined in his actions. The fact that this process is initiated in times of hardship demonstrate the fact that will and freedom are not enough in order to find the path towards the truth, freedom and serenity, and that god is needed in order to achieve this goal. If the exchange relationship is the mechanism through which god ad man communicate and unite, then prayer is the instrument which the process needs for its fulfilment.

Prayer is considered to be the active manifestation of religion, its incarnation. That is why the author argues that it is "real religion" as opposed to moral senses (the ethic…… [Read More]


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Irony in Two Short Stories

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She also learns, too late, that the jewels and the life she coveted so long ago was a sham. Hence, the symbolic nature of the necklace itself -- although it appears to have great value, it is in fact only real in appearance, not in reality and the heroine is incapable of assessing the false necklace's true worth.

The tale of "The Necklace" conveys the moral that what is real, the replacement she returned to Madame Forstier, can be won not with beauty but with hard work, sweat, and toil. Like "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Necklace" revolves around the use of irony and a single, symbolic element, exemplified in the title object that works throughout the tale, using the literary device of irony, to reveal the protagonist's moral character. That final revelation engineered by the title object makes the story compelling, even if both protagonists may seem morally repugnant. The…… [Read More]

Works Cited de Maupassant, Guy. "The Necklace." Classic Short Stories. 28 Jun 2008.  de Maupassant, Guy. "A Piece of String." Classic Short Stories. 28 Jun 2008. 

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28 Jun 2008.
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Nietzsche & Plato Response Do

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But this sense of a death of nationalism, or one's personal belief is different than Nietzsche's statement because no ideology has kind of hold Christianity did upon the world when Nietzsche wrote in 19th century Europe.

Response 2

Do you think we reached a point where we no longer need God?

On one hand, it is possible to see humanity's ability to engage in scientific discovery as proof of the glory of rationality as opposed to following the 'herd' of faith. But science can also confirm that human beings are not very important in the grand scheme of things, unlike most religions which are concerned with human choice and fate. Darwin's discovery that humans are descendents of primates, Mendel's realization that a great deal of our behavior is determined by our genes, even the discovery that the universe does not revolve around the earth shows us that much of our…… [Read More]

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Values for Your Work as Human Services

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Values for Your Work as Human ervices Professional

As human service professional, I interact in various ways. These include caregiver, case manager, teacher, counselor, behavior changer, consultant, mobilizer, advocate, community planner, community change organizer and implementer, administrator, and evaluator (*). In order to most effectively and successfully carry out these responsible and diverse roles, I am recommended to adhere to a set of values and ethics particularly prescribed for human service professionals.

The values not only make me do the work that I love in the most effective way but it also helps me better help people and avoid conflict. I may, for instance, have my own ideas about how to best help people and in my fervor and ardor commit indiscretions. The values advise me to respect confidentiality of client at all times. They also tell me to place client foremost and to treat him or her with respect…… [Read More]


Alder, Ken (2007). The Lie Detectors. New York: Free Press.

National Organization for Human Services. Ethical Standards for HS Professionals
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Hastie Group Governance Failure Hastie Group Corporate

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Hastie Group Governance Failure

Hastie Group Corporate Governance

Hastie Governance Failure

The downfall of the Hastie Group reads much like the other major corporate failures around the world including Enron and MCI Worldcom in the United States. There is general pattern emblematic to more corporate scandals. That pattern is when figures are "massaged" or even completely made up. This pattern manifested itself yet again with the Hastie Group. Once someone caught on to the massive amount of lies and misdeeds, it was too late for most workers and the company itself.

Deficiencies & Circumstances

It was reported in August 2012 that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) by the administrator of Hastic, that being PPB Advisor, and its receiver, that being McGrathNicol, the substance and extent of the misdeeds of Hastie relative to the allegations that were levied. Even though the review at that point was in its nascent…… [Read More]


ASIC examining misconduct in Hastie Group collapse' n.d., Am (Abc), Newspaper

Source Plus, EBSCOhost, viewed 9 March 2013.

ASIC reviews Hastie amid misconduct claims' n.d., ABC Premium News, Newspaper

Source Plus, EBSCOhost, viewed 9 March 2013.
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Nietzsche's Statement Sartre

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Explain Nietzsche's statement in the section on "The Will to Power" that Christianity is an "impious lie" and that "we ought to declare open war against it"?

The Holy Bible teaches that one should love thy enemies. However, Nietzsche finds this to be a major problem. In addition, He believes that by saying that one should love their enemies like they love their friends, is a big lie. This is true because this is something that my parents told me growing up, though now at an older age, I see it as something stupid. Why should I love or care for someone who has done me wrong. I see it as if someone did me wrong, then forget them and let them live their lives away from me. As long as they get away from me and do not ever get near me I will not try to get…… [Read More]

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Troublesome Verbs

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Troublesome Verbs

The Lonely People

Harold has lain in the mud and the dust since his house was foreclosed upon. He had lost his job early in the recession and then it was just a matter of time. Soon he lost his hope, then his dignity. This was followed by the loss of his wife and family and at last the house.

He had sat awake in his sleeping bag many nights contemplating the events that had led to his downfall and could not comprehend what he had done to wind up like this, homeless, hungry and alone. His wife and the kids were somewhere back east and once the divorce had been finalized he heard from them less and less until there was nothing. Now he made his home at night in the bushes of Prospect Park and spent his days panhandling in the city.

At 93 Maribel was…… [Read More]

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Denial of Naturalization

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Eric Jones and declare under the penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Honorable field office director of The United States Citizenship and mmigration Services; my name is Eric Jones am a very close friend of Mr. Sam -, despite his busy schedule Sam and speak or see each other at least three times a week. was born in Tucson Arizona and am currently employed as a project engineer with Raytheon Missile Systems, have been employed with this company for eleven years. am writing this letter in support of Mr. Sam's appeal regarding the denial of his efforts to become a United States Citizen. am compelled to write this letter not only because Sam is a true and great friend but also to help alleviate the sense of devastation that he felt upon learning his petition to become a naturalized U.S.…… [Read More]

I first met Sam in 1992 at Pueblo High School which is located in Tucson Arizona. Even as a young teenager Sam exhibited all the exceptional qualities that are the essential components of having a good moral character. Even as a sophomore in high school Sam was very mature, honest and kind. He treated everyone with respect and compassion regardless of their race, social class or physical traits. He was always there to help out anyone who needed it without expecting compensation or rewards. He truly was back then, and still is now a selfless man, always looking out for the welfare of others instead of thinking of himself. All the positives in his character that attracted me towards his friendship in those days still remain in Sam's person. A have never known Sam to lie or be dishonest about anything, not even the smallest detail.

He is the ideal candidate to receive the esteemed title of United States Citizen. Sam exemplifies all the values that this country was built upon. He is selfless, hardworking, dedicated, and patriotic. He holds freedom and liberty in the highest of regards. Sam is an exceptional member of his community and also a great father and supportive husband to his wife. His whole life is dedicated to ensuring their prosperity and well being. Sam loves his kids and is intent on providing the best life possible for them, which is one of the main reasons he wants to become a naturalized United States citizen. Sam did one of the most thoughtful and kind acts a man can make, he adopted a young feeble and desperate child. He did this for no other purposes than to help a child in need, and to enrich the life of his family. In the state of Arizona in order to adopt a child a candidate must pass a thorough and extensive process that validates the good character and proper legal standing of the candidate. The state of Arizona and the authoritative agencies responsible for adoptions procedures have deemed Sam to be of good moral character. I ask you to please reconsider his case and approve his petition to become a citizen of this great nation. He is a man that strictly follows all rules, regulations and laws as a lawful permanent resident, and I am sure that his efforts to be an outstanding member of his community will double if he is bestowed the honor of citizenship. He understands the honor and privileges that come with being a U.S. citizen and would never do anything to jeopardize them. Please carefully reconsider your decision and allow Sam who is a worthy citizenship candidate to become a full fledge member of this beautiful and great nation. Thank you.

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Is a Prophet Always Inspired

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role of a prophet in society has often been questioned and misunderstood. Prophets are often seen as peculiar people who receive divine inspiration. The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether a prophet is always inspired. We will begin our discussion by defining prophetic inspiration and the function of a prophet. Our discussion will then focus on how to distinguish between prophecy that is inspired and prophecy that is uninspired.

Prophetic Inspiration

The prime examples of prophetic inspiration can be found in the bible. According to a book entitled Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament, it is very difficult to explain the function of the Hebrew prophet. The book asserts that this difficulty exist because the function of the prophet is beyond that of human experience and is characterized by philosophical and religious assumptions. (Robinson) The author also asserts that 'The Hebrew prophets have so greatly influenced religion…… [Read More]


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Erler, Mary C. "Palm Sunday Prophets and Processions and Eucharistic Controversy." Renaissance Quarterly 48.1 (1995): 58+. Questia. 5 Aug. 2004 .
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Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov

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Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov v. The FBI

There is much controversy with regard to the FBI's involvement in capturing Russian cyber criminals Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov, taking into account the unorthodox method the bureau used. Many are likely to consider that such actions are against principles associated with law enforcement and that the authorities were wrong in taking on such attitudes. However, when considering the contemporary society being a place where the general public unites against crime, it would be safe to say that the FBI acted on behalf of the whole world at the time when it decided to go through with their plan.

Gorshkov and Ivanov were responsible for having performed a series of illegalities like stealing credit card information, deleting important information on the servers of particular U.S. companies, and attempting to persuade some of these respective companies to hire them in exchange of the…… [Read More]

Works cited:

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Homily at the Class of

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I had to listen to my heart -- and to pray hard -- to make the right decisions for myself, to know that I could still be a dutiful child without forcing myself to be a round peg in a square hole, to follow a career path that was not the right one for me.

Every person must have a moral compass, a true north stronger than the pulls of friends, society, and confusing voices that try to set us in the wrong direction. Social pressure can be overwhelming because of the desire to please others, and even when a person is living amongst friends and family, the inner path to personal truth can be a lonely one. When 'everyone else is doing it' -- drinking, smoking, or even simply acting in an inconsiderate fashion, it can be difficult to stand aside and be the one who says 'no --…… [Read More]