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Also, the workers are overcharging us for the work! It is like highway robbery! It is unbelievable!

I am trying to work here and there, making a little, not a lot to help the family. I am sewing little things like ripped clothes, cleaning for others, cooking, and baking but other people in the village are tight on money, too. We want to move but that will require a lot of money but we want to move where Frank may find a better job. We will see. Sometimes Frank will take the eldest, Lorenzo to the city when he finds work. He hopes the bosses will see he has child and will give him a job but that has not happened. Frank is too picky. He will not travel too far for work but he won't work if he has to get his hands too dirty. He won't work if he does not have time to relax and have his coffee. He does not know the reality of the situation! I only complain to you and not to my husband because we will yell and whom will that help? Nobody! To pass the time at night, sometimes Frank and I will take a walk like we used to when we were young, before the kids. I constantly hear the neighbors yelling at each other. They are a lovely young couple but these are trying times and the husband has a short temper while she says what is on her mind. The village has had to pull them apart several times! There is enough entertainment sometimes to forget how hard it has become. I can't write anymore, the oil is burning out for my lamp, Frank just got home, and I need to warm up some soup for him. Tell the family I love them and I miss them, and hope we will be reunited soon! Send them…

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