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Landforms Barrier Island Beaches Generally Develop Where

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Barrier island beaches generally develop where:

a The coast is composed of hard rock b the nearby land has a rugged topography of hills and mountains c the sea floor deepens rapidly offshore d The sea floor remains shallow for a long distance offshore

During storms in winter:

a There is a higher percentage of fine-grained sand on beaches

b More erosion occurs in bays than on headlands

c Beaches are eroded d Beaches are built up e Offshore sand bars are destroyed

Along the Midocean ridge

a earthquakes occur b sea floor spreading occurs c volcanism occurs d all the above occur

Where would you find examples of barrier island coasts?

a Oregon

b California

c British Columbia and Alaska

d Texas and the Gulf Coast

e Hawaii

Which of the following boundaries characterize the San Andreas Fault?

a Spreading

b Convergent

c Transform

d None of the…… [Read More]

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Planning and Reflection During My Student Teaching

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Planning and Reflection

During my student teaching experiences I kept a journal, which greatly helped me to organize my thoughts and clarify the areas in which I most needed to improve. My mentor also pointed out for me the key areas that need improvement. Therefore, as I look forward to a professional career as a teacher, I will be able to draw on these early experiences. I will remember what works and what doesn't and I already feel far more confident and proficient than I did before I undertook the student teaching challenge. In general a few major themes emerged through reviewing my journal entries and the statements written by my mentors. My strengths are my willingness to use a wide variety of teaching materials and teaching styles. An enthusiastic implementation of multimedia materials keeps students actively engaged, and keeps lessons more interesting. Moreover, my lessons are well-planned and incorporate…… [Read More]

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Effectiveness of ASEAN

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The study will be delving into: What ASEAN constitutes and what remains beyond its scope? The aim of this study will be handing out a wide-ranging presentation of the present stance of ASEAN and its accomplishments till date, along with its challenges. The paper is intended as a suggestion for a master-plan that can be employed as a future pathway where ASEAN political-security support must be going towards in the forthcoming years.

To start with let us have a brief introduction of the organization. The creators of the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN, visualized it as ultimately assembling all the nations of the region and managing them to lend a hand in assuring the peace, permanence and growth of the area. While the area was in a state of turmoil, a lot of nations were under pressure for the existence of the nation or autonomy. First…… [Read More]


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Rock Cycle Most Processes on

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Both, ironically, are forms of pressure that also cause heat and changes. Water for instance, is so abundant on earth that it drives much of weathering and erosion. Precipitation, acidic soil water and groundwater dissolve mineral and rocks; serpentinization from heated seawater causes destruction of volcanic rock or changes in other seabed rocks; and the presence of water and carbon dioxide change rock as well. This is the manner in which the carbon and water cycle continually interact to change rock.

Plate tectonics, on the other hand, show that there are large scale motions within the earth that move, converge, and drive materials from deep inside the earth towards the surface and vice versa. Zones within the 8 or 9 major plates (subduction zones) form slabs of crust that become embedded and then if pressured enough with heat and more pressure, contribute to the evolution of rock. In addition, one…… [Read More]


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March 1981 Concerns That Process

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As the article indicates, "before 9-11, for example, there was a 'big picture' out there of the terrorist threat, but organizational boundaries, hierarchies, turf, or constraining organizational policies prevented the different pieces of information from being connected, and the big picture from emerging. Effectively connecting those dots, it is assumed, would have brought the bits of information on the terrorist threat together, the big picture to take shape, and effective decision making to occur." (Kronenberg & Khademian, 49)

This is a premise which applies with value to the broader discussion here on organizational change, perhaps even providing the proper balance between March's optimism concerning change and Jarzabkowski's apprehension based on the presence of recursiveness. Indeed, Kronenberg & Khademian seem to argue that a micro-level understanding of the processes and bottlenecks defining organizational performance must be intimately understood and addressed before proceeding with the type of sweeping change that March correctly…… [Read More]

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Igneous Rock Is One of the Three

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Igneous rock is one of the three main types of rock formations making up the earth's crust. It is formed primarily through the cooling and subsequent solidification of magma or lava. Igneous rock may also form without any crystallization -- below the surface as intrusive rocks or above as extrusive. It is best to think of igneous rock as being formed with heat -- one or more of three processes: temperature increases, decreases in pressure, or changes in composition. There are a number of types of igneous rocks; at least 700 have been cataloged, with most being formed deep within the earth's crust.

To describe the events that take place to move igneous rock from deep within the earth's core to the surface requires an understanding of the rock cycle. This is a concept that describes how rocks move and evolve into other types of rock or onto the surface…… [Read More]

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Metamorphic Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks and Their

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Metamorphic, Igneous, And Sedimentary Rocks and Their Application to Planets in the Solar System

The objective of this study is to examine metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks and their application to planets in the solar system.

There are reported to be three primary classes of rocks, which are classified according to their origination. The three rock types are metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. Igneous rocks are formed when bodies of magma cool. As time passes and the rocks undergo process due to various weather cycles the igneous rocks erode and the particles and chemicals, which settle into beds, become compressed or cemented forming into what are known as sedimentary rocks. In the event igneous rocks are buried and then undergo a high state of heating and compression they form into what are known as metamorphic rocks. Eventually, the rocks undergo heat and compression and then melt with the molten rock…… [Read More]


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Strategic Plan of Contemporary Organizations

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Strategic Plan of Contemporary Organizations

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Started in the year 1932, The Sydney Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is a complete 90-member orchestra that is based in Sydney. The SSO has in recent years enjoyed good profitability through both high concert attendance and strong government support. However, despite these successes, the music industry in which they operate is constantly facing a changing external environment that makes SSO future profitability a frequently pondered issue. This paper seeks to project or rather predict the future profitability of Sydney Symphony Orchestra within this competitive music industry. By the end of this essay an educated prediction is made using the general environmental framework and through the conduction of an environmental analysis using Porters five forces model of competition (Porter, 1998).

A collection of dimensions that influence an industry and the companies that are within this industry form a general environment. These dimensions include:…… [Read More]


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Management's Primary Goal Is to

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These examples indicate that a Machiavellian approach to corporate ethics and an utter lack of concern for the state of the environment in the future is poor business practice. Yet the ethical arguments in favor of businesses showing concern for the environment, having rigorous accounting ethics and observing regulations regarding consumer safety is that a failure to take ethical action often results in losses of profits. It is far more difficult to argue that a firm should ignore the need to make a profit at all, and to place the environment first.

Consider the principles of the Deep Ecology movement, which point out that Western capitalism and consumerism itself generates waste, and a focus upon maximizing productivity actually causes harm to the environment. Deep Ecology principles stress that even encouraging people to buy more consumer goods, regardless of origin, is unethical, and that improvements in technology often results in destruction…… [Read More]


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Whoriskey, Pete. 2011. GM and Chrysler, owned by the government, lobby against fuel efficiency, safety improvements. The Washington Post. Accessed through Green Change
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Economic Crisis the Origin and

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As Taibbi shows, it is not easy: "I'm going to say something radical about the Tea Partiers. They're not all crazy. They're not even always wrong. hat they are, and they don't realize it, is an anachronism. They're fighting a 1960s battle in a world run by twenty-first-century crooks" (Griftopia 16-17). Taibbi makes clear that the Tea Party is not even homogenous: it is made up of a broad spectrum of individuals (some of whom do not even want to be called Tea Partiers) who are angry and looking for someway to focus their anger.

In conclusion, recouping the losses is not an easy thing to do. hen a company like Lehman Brothers can be allowed to collapse while their competition (Goldman Sachs) can be bailed out by tax payer dollars, citizens are going to start wondering how their country got to such a point in the first place. Taibbi…… [Read More]

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Urban Educational Reform Education and

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Indeed, the structure of this particularly program will allow me to explore and refine some of my own ideas concerning educational equality through both theoretical and research-based modes of investigation. This is an exciting prospect as I have yet to truly test in a scholarly or empirical way many of the assumptions and concerns which have inclined me to take this path. Even as I seek admission into the program, I am inclined to consider the spectrum of possible avenues through which to validate, disprove or expand my existing knowledge of the subject.

This would, of course, be supplemented by the urban development, community and organization discussions which are a key component of the program. I consider these aspects essential to developing the tools necessary to actually apply to a resolution of the concerns cited at the outset of this essay. Particularly, much of my own experience and personal research…… [Read More]

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Scholastic and Personal the Process

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" (KGI, 1)

I did start to notice many changes in myself, both in terms of my increasing tendency toward physical activeness and my heightening interest in the opposite sex. At first, this interest was manifested of my generally social nature. And to the point, this adolescent period would be an excellent time in my life in terms of cultivating a loose but increasingly intimate social network. This conforms with my general research on this stage of development, which is highlighted by a transition from a life dominated by home and family to one increasingly more divided to the pursuits of school, extra-curricular activity, athletic team membership and information social gathering. These tend to function as substitutes in certain areas where previously only the family fulfilled certain needs.

This was a tough time though. In the midst of the rapid changes that were altering my physical and emotional experiences, my…… [Read More]

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Unemployed and Working Hard Being

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Therefore, first among the survival skills is to escape the looting on the streets.

A homeless person on the streets depends on doing little jobs here and there to make enough money for everyday food. This could be anything such as washing car windows on the streets to gathering cans for recycling to playing instruments on the street corners. For most homeless people, these menial jobs as it may seem to us provide the bread and butter on a day-to-day basis. [Simon Wykoff] Weathering the rough conditions, sleeping on cardboard boxes and surviving the dangers of the street with the limited possessions of a few clothes and coins teach one of the toughest life lessons. As the ritish prince Williams who spent a whole night on the streets sleeping with the homeless said, "I cannot, after one night, even begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough…… [Read More]


1) Simon Wykoff, 'Unemployed and Working Hard',

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3) Jim Stringham & David R. Workman, 'The Unemployment Survival Guide', Published by Gibbs Smith, 2004, pg 13 -18
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Mgsm Blog Review and Recommendations

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This is essential to their approach to defining their broader unique value proposition and differentiation as well (Lowrie, 2007). Pepperdine and UCI are using their blogs for branding as much as they are about communicating and collaborating with students and members of the community interested in their areas of research and focus. As a result both the Pepperdine and UCI blogs have created a level of collaboration and initiated conversations through the use of blogs as well. The most advanced multichannel-based approach to using social networking is seen in how UCLA has created Facebook, blogs and Twitter accounts to communicate with students in whatever form they prefer. For some students Facebook is the best approach as they spend the majority of their free time in this social networking application, while others are accustomed to using SS eaders (Wyld, 2008) to quickly read through blogs. UCLA however does not engage in…… [Read More]


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Capital One Financial Assessment External

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The company's internal focus will need to shift dramatically in order to maintain or increase its current market position.

Corporate and Business Strategy

Capital One's business strategy is highly aggressive, as is evidenced by their innovative move (for a company with their focus) into the banking industry, and their take-over of several regional banks. Capital One also actively recruits new strategists to work directly at the corporate level, and maintains an internal strategy of frequent strategic change and innovative practices. This leads to an incredibly adaptive business strategy; Capital One has remained poised to exploit new opportunities in the changing banking market.

At the corporate level, Capital One has a healthy mixture of steadfast leadership (the CEO has remained unchanged since the company's formation in 1988) and innovation through new partnerships and new personnel. Like their business strategy, aggressiveness and adaptability have been key components of Capital One's corporate strategy.…… [Read More]

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U S Legislation Foreclosure Relief Economy

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But Morgenson suggests even more troublingly, that the fundamental assumption of affordability behind the new program is flawed: "in devising what it considers an affordable mortgage payment, the program doesn't account for all of a borrower's debts -- the first mortgage, second lien, credit card debt and automobile payments. Instead, it calculates affordability using only the borrower's first mortgage payment, insurance and property taxes" (Morgenson 2009).

The program may even hurt those borrowers with second liens: "These banks -- the very same companies the Treasury is urging to modify loans that they service -- have zero interest in writing down second liens they hold because it would mean further damage to their balance sheets. Say a troubled borrower has a first mortgage owned by a pension fund in a securitization trust and a second lien held by the bank that services the loans. The servicer is happy to modify the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Morgenson, Gretchen. "Why Treasury needs a Plan B. For mortgages"

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Club IT Part One Club

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The founders state that they want to create a community, but the question remains open as to what type of community. The Club could target a specific population of young people, like college students. Yet in the absence of a very large nearby college or youth-dominated district nearby, differentiation seems to be a questionable policy given that too narrow a focus might alienate all but one or two narrow sections of the youth market.

Operational effectiveness is a difficult strategy for any restaurant or bar to pursue, given that these venues operate on economies of scale, and often need to run 'in the red' for some time before they establish a core customer base. A customer orientation strategy is also difficult, given that the experience of going to a club cannot be customized for each and every club-goer. Thus, given that its target prices are already low, pricing Club IT…… [Read More]

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Bush Christian the Bush Administration's

Words: 4214 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83900730

ith the production of Dolly, we also entered a vast technological frontier of possibilities. The cloned sheep "was born after nuclear transfer from a mammary gland cell, the first mammal to develop from a cell derived from adult tissue." Taking a cell containing 98 per cent of the DNA, or its genetic blueprint, from the udder of a six-year-old adult sheep, they fused it to the egg of another sheep to produce a lamb that is virtually an exact copy." (Marsh, 1) Equally as groundbreaking as the creation of the world's first clone was the implication of its process, which indicated that there is a way to employ adult cells, already differentiated and specialized to their own organic functions, in order to fabricate new, un-differentiated genetic material. For researchers battling such diseases as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and paralysis all around the world, such a possibility began to hint at countless opportunities…… [Read More]

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Competitor Comparison the Companies the

Words: 2116 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73219615

This is especially unusual given that the FedEx appears to be weathering the current economic crisis much better than UPS is. They have better control over their cost structure and have been able to reduce their debt. UPS, on the other hand, has more volatile earning and cost figures and has seen a dramatic increase in leverage in recent years. The most likely factor is that UPS pays a much higher dividend. This gives the impression of greater cash flow stability. Yet FedEx has enjoyed a steady rate of dividend increase (2 cents per year). That they do not pay as much as UPS reflects their youth but it is a fallacy to assume that FedEx's future cash flows are less certain. Indeed, their dividend rates going in to the future are entirely predictable.

Despite this, the market appears to prefer UPS' business model to that of FedEx. The latter…… [Read More]

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The Challenges and Prospects in

Words: 2209 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85036027

And though there are many who will view the Clinton administration's
disruption of ethnic tensions in Kosovo as one of the first examples of the
Marshall Plan template in a post-Cold ar atmosphere, Buchanan (2002)
speaks of the 1999 invasion by noting that "for the first time, NATO, a
defensive alliance, took offensive action against a country putting down an
insurrection inside its own territory." (Buchanan, 29) This description of
the struggle in Kosovo as an 'insurrection,' is one that of course fails to
acknowledge the multitude of Yugoslavia's state level crimes against the
ethnic-Albanians which, in spite of their majority population in Kosovo,
had been reduced to an ethnic-minority with few state rights. The abuses
which had created hundreds of thousands of refugees would have, under
Buchanan's purview, continued unabated as, likely, ethnically driven
responses to aggression on either side would certainly have produced some
level of genocide. Thus,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Destiny. Regnery Publishing, Inc.

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Altria & Apple in This

Words: 3411 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69178482

The primary reason to own Altria is its dividend. The current dividend, $1.28 per year, results in a dividend yield of 8.34%. Given that Altria's EPS is only $1.54 per year, it is evident that the company pays out most of its profits to its shareholders. Despite the declining business, the company is well-positioned to maintain relatively stable revenue streams that will enable it to maintain this dividend. As a result, the company is suited more for long-term income investors than for short-term investors driven by capital gains. Altria's slow growth, difficult operating environment and other challenges make it a poor buy for investors seeking anything other than a relatively stable income stream.


Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of computers and related paraphernalia, both hardware and software. The firm markets desktop computers, laptop computers, portable music players (iPod), portable communications devices (iPhone) and the software…… [Read More]

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Allstate Started Life in 1931

Words: 1794 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15831655

It is vital that information is gathered, and then competently analyzed. I believe that I can do this, because this exercise has illustrated to me some of the tools and steps required to think critically about the market. I believe that this exercise has also highlighted the value of thinking creatively about the market as well. The market has a wide range of instruments available for investing. Stocks may be the most obvious, but they are not necessarily the most appropriate. Even blue chip stocks are not safe, so creative thinking is a must, in order to build the most appropriate portfolio for my needs and my timeframe.

orks Cited

No author. (2008) History and Timeline Retrieved October 30, 2008 at other Allstate pages used in the production of this paper include the following:

Our Shared Vision. Retrieved October 30, 2008 at

Stock price, financials, analyst information…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Cinema Verite and Direct Cinema

Words: 3267 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41766320

The outcome of all of this was a rock concert which -- aside from the actual happenstance of performances -- was heavily controlled by the interest of the filmmaker. Though various aspects of the concert-attendance experience indicate that great care was paid to the appeal of the event itself, there is an explicit self-consciousness on the part of the subject as to the grander intention of the captured film to eulogize the touring band.

And with that purposeful modus operandi in mind, we may take note that the apparent distance between Direct Cinema and Cinema Verite really only serves academic purposes. From the perspective of the filmmaker or the documentarian, there is room both for a realistic portrayal of its subject and for the selection of an angle or impression. Given that the subject is a single concert event, wherein which the musical performances are the purpose of the document,…… [Read More]

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Glaciers in the Development in

Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24244757

As these waters froze, they trapped soil, rocks, and debris within them, and it is this trapped debris that scours the landscape and creates the very recognizable signs of glacial activity on the geology. Eventually, as the glaciers melted, they deposited this debris throughout the state in areas called "terminal moraines." The authors continue, "Large morainal deposits are found south of the Finger Lakes area, and extend in places to the Pennsylvania line" (Amos et. al, 1968). This indicates the activity and influence of glaciers throughout the area, as morainal deposits can be found throughout the state if you know where to look. Another sign of this glacial activity is deep depressions in the landscape. Today, many of these deep depressions are lakes and streambeds that were formed as the glaciers carved their way throughout the state.

Geologists have determined that ice ages like this one that helped form New…… [Read More]


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Heavy Metals Such as Iridium

Words: 1804 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29852863

In the final analysis, heavy metals are like many other substances found in nature; oxygen, for example, is essential for life but can be enormously harmful and even deadly if present in sufficient concentrations. Likewise, heavy metals were shown to be essential for many human endeavors, but a growing body of evidence suggests that long-term exposure to such substances can have significant adverse health consequences.


Baos, ., Blas, J., Bortolotti, G.., Marchant, T.A. & Hiraldo, F. (2006). Adrenocortical response to stress and thyroid hormone status in free-living nestling white storks (Ciconia) exposed to heavy metal and arsenic contamination. Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(10), 1497.

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Deloro Mine Remediation Evaluation of

Words: 2898 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59594372

Natural overburden includes silty clay, silty peat, and silty sand (CH2MHILL, p. 3-2). Overburden is generally thin, averaging 3 meters in most areas, but can go up to 9 meters at times (CH2MHILL, p. 3-2). Native soils primarily reside in areas of low topography.

This topography allows for constant movement and shifting of overburden. Rainy seasons create excessive water flows, which travel down slopes to the low-lying areas and into the waterways. These areas of low topography are of particular concern, as they tend to accumulate deposits of contaminants.

Groundwater and surface water in the area are altered by man-made structures placed by the mining company. ater travels through the area by means of the overburden and the bedrock. In the area of the main mine, water flows primarily through bedrock (CH2MHILL, p. 3-2).Groundwater flows in a generally southeasterly direction. ater flows towards the major waterways such as the Moira…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Postnatal Depression Lit Review in

Words: 1318 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68432596

(Mason, ice & ecords, 2005, p.52)

The literature dealing with postnatal depression has sought over many years to understand the phenomena of postnatal depression and to find causal links to external and internal environments that could cause it in certain women. In Grote and Bledsoe the goal of the work was to study the influence of optimism and stress in the life and mind of the new mother and determine if there was a link between the negative and/or positive the led to or helped avoid postnatal depression. The results of this research correlated internal optimism with a reduced risk of postnatal depression but also found causal links between postnatal depression and life stresses. Though internal optimism was able to counter these effects it is clear that the lack of social support that can be linked with life stress still increased the incidence of depression in some women. (Grote &…… [Read More]


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Personal Statement the University of

Words: 860 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48886741

My parents determined that I should go to the United States, because they felt that the U.S. provided a more sophisticated and forward-looking business administrative education. My father was quite successful in China as a businessman, but he believed that the world was changing, and that it was essential that his child have some grounding in the new economic reality of the global marketplace to become equally successful. He also felt that China's view of the international marketplace was not as sophisticated as America's, and that an aspiring entrepreneur could gain much from learning about the American perspective and system of management.

During my father's lifetime, he saw capitalism take root in his home country, altering China for the better. China, through fits and starts, became freer, more open to new ideas and ways of life, more prosperous, and more tolerant of different ways of looking at the world. Through…… [Read More]

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Dell Computer Corp Singapore Establish Explain Ansoff's

Words: 979 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89107162

DELL Computer Corp. Singapore Establish explain Ansoff's Growth Matrix DELL Computer Corp. Singapore market propose specific strategic actions DELL -establish position a global market leader PCs Industry Singapore (based Ansoff's Growth Matrix) choose focus Market penetration, Market developement, Product development Diversification propose strategy Thank .

Dell Computer Co: Market penetration in Singapore

The Dell Computer Company

While Apple and Microsoft are famous for the unique forms of technology they have created, Dell Computer achieved its success through its innovative supply chain model. What set Dell apart from its competitors was its "consumer-oriented focus" and the fact that it allowed for people to "customize their computers during the ordering process. ecause each computer was individually assembled" Dell could keep inventories fairly low and thus reduce waste, storage, and operating costs (Dell, 2010, Printer Ink Cartridges). Dell also gained a strong reputation for catering to the needs of its customers, and for…… [Read More]


Ansoff Matrix. 2010. Tutor2U. Accessed at [December 29, 2010]

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Dell Singapore. 2010. Official Website. Accessed at ;[December 29, 2010]

Facts about Dell. 2010. Official Website. Accessed at  [December 29, 2010]
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Political and Economic Differences Consider Effects of

Words: 1430 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70791231

Political and Economic Differences


Effects of the financial crisis on the developing world vs. The developed world

The 2008 financial crisis began in the American banking sector but its impact was soon felt around the world. Both the developed and the developing world were affected. However, not all nations were crippled by the drying-up of credit and consumer demand to an equal degree. Some nations were derailed in their attempts to progress economically and politically; other nations, particularly in the Far East, emerged relatively unscathed.

The populations affected in different areas of the world economy also varied from nation to nation. For example, in many regions of the developing world, women often have the status of 'second class citizens' for cultural and political reasons. But the crisis in the U.S. was often called a 'male' recession, because the hardest-hit sectors were traditionally male-dominated fields, in the form of the…… [Read More]


Bernanke, Ben. (2009). Asia and the global financial crisis. Federal Reserve. 

Chia, Siow Yue. (2010). Singapore weathers the crisis and prepares for a better year. East Asia

Forum. Retrieved September 8, 2011 at
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Sheraton Product Launch Plan The Sheraton Hotel

Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10460633


Product Launch Plan: The Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotels have always dedicated themselves to expanding opportunities for businesses to congregate, operate and interact in key urban centers throughout the world. And with the expansion of the global economy, Sheraton's efforts at inserting itself into key business convention and conference markets continue to play an important part in the company's growth. This is demonstrated in the discussion hereafter, which evaluates the product positioning challenges facing important Sheraton locations in San Diego and Singapore.

Product Description:

Sheraton is one of the most recognized, reputable and widespread of global hotel chains. Its importance as a destination for business travel is especially significant to the chain's ongoing expansion and success. In particular, locations such as the San Diego Sheraton & Marina and the Sheraton Singapore simultaneously demonstrate the hospitality firm's importance for regional and global business conferences, meetings or lodging while simultaneously exemplifying the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

CB Richard Ellis (CBRE). (2010). Limelight Asia: Hotel Market Trends Insight. CBRE Hotels.

Weisberg, L. & Showley, R. (2011). Hotels asked to pay $30m a year for convention center expansion. Sign On San Diego.
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Working With the Aging

Words: 2461 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32258184

Working With the Aging

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here before you at a time in which the health care of older Americans has become a critical issue. Or should I say issues? We have more people needing more and more specialized care -- this is critical. We have fewer and fewer people being asked to do more and more -- that is critical. Current healthcare policy, especially for the aging, seems inadequate to address the challenges of what lies ahead. The situation seems very bleak at times. All signs seem to show that it will get bleaker. Well, I am here to tell you that I am the weatherman. I have weathered this storm with you. And I can tell you that the forecast looks good, if we can just keep our eyes on what is important and understand what tools we have to get through this, and overcome…… [Read More]

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Trade Show Industry in Germany

Words: 31155 Length: 113 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38292092

Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it sheds light on a very important contributor to local and international trade. Trade fairs have a long history in providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers. They are an important channel of communication for B2B buyers and sellers. This is a significant area for study because there are limited channels of communication between B2B buyers and sellers. The previous sections have diversified the importance of communication to trade. B2B buyers and sellers cannot use mass channels of communication such as television advertising or newspaper advertising. In this market usage of personal visits and demonstrations are the common channels of marketing and communication. The B2B selling and marketing activities are less highlighted in research than B2C activities. Therefore, this study is significant because it explores a very important channel of marketing and communication in the B2B market.

The study is…… [Read More]

UFI.(2009). The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, 5th edition: A UFI report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group Executive Summary -- for UFI members only." Business Strategies Group Ltd. [online] Available at  [Accessed 10 May, 2012].

Viardot, E. (2004). Successful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms. Volume 5. NY: Artech House

Yeshin, T. (2006). Sales Promotion. NY:Cengage Learning
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Krispy Kreme The Unsweetened Unglazed Truth of

Words: 1262 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62935425

Krispy Kreme: The Unsweetened, Unglazed Truth of Its Equity, Cash Flow, And Notes

To the Managers of Krispy Kreme, Inc.:

As well you all surely know, although it does bear repeating for the sake of company pride, the publicly traded firm Krispy Kreme began as a small, independent business and is now a large, publicly traded firm with franchises extending all over the country, as well as the potential of gaining numerous acquisitions of great value and potential into its fold. For a long time, the firm has stood proud, weathering the low-carb craze to hang on as one of the darlings of all Street investors and analysts. Krispy Kreme was 'proof' that a small, relatively concentrated product that originated as a regional specialty in the American South could come to dominate bigger conglomerates such as Dunkin' Doughnuts.

However, recent adjustments in the form of statements of changes to the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Annual Report." (2004) Krispy Kreme Investor Website. Retrieved 17 Jan 2005 at http://media.corporate

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"Owner's Equity." (2005) Investor words. Retrieved 17 Jan 2005 at
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Apple's Mid-East Marketing Mix There

Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18813867

" (Paczkowski, p. 1) This is possible because Merril Lynch will pay a subsidy of an additional 1200 shekels per handset in order to help initiate penetration of telecom service plans. In Saudi Arabia, iPhones start at roughly SAR 3499, a staggering $933.


As the price differentials show, Apple must make considerable adaptations according to that which each market will bear. That being said, Israel has already proven itself a promising site for fast expansion. According to Paczkowski (2009), "though Apple hasn't yet brought the iPhone to Israel, it's estimated that some 80,000 of them are in use in the country today. That's a remarkable metric and one that suggests Apple's super-smart phone should do quite well when it officially arrives at market in Israel this week." (Paczkowski, p. 1)

Reports suggest that Egypt's market will not be as inherently welcoming of the product. According to Inskeep (2012), competitors…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

comScore. (2012). omScore Reports December 2011 U.S Mobile Subscriber Market Share.

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Inskeep, S. (2012). And Now for the Lighter Side of Egypt's Revolution.

Kee, E. (2011). Saudi Arabia bans iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab at security institutions. Ubergizmo.
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Features of the Ocean Floor Continental Margins

Words: 1092 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52991531

Features of the Ocean Floor

Continental Margins

As one travels away from the continents, water depths increase in a systematic manner.

Closest to the continents are continental shelves with water depth typically less than 1000 m. Continental shelves were formed as rivers carried tons of particles of sand and soil from the land out to sea. This sand and soil then settled as layers of sediments, or layers of particles of rock and animal remains.

Commonly at the distal edge of the continental shelves, there is a marked continental slope where water depths increase quickly. The continental slope separates the continental shelf from the ocean floor.

The continental rises, located at the base of the continental slopes, mark the beginning of the deep ocean basins.

Submarine canyons commonly occur along continental margins and transport sediment from the margins down into the deep ocean basins.

B. Mid Ocean idges

Long mountain…… [Read More]


Loomis, Jennifer. "Observe the origins of some ocean floor sediments. " Exploring Earth.

Exploring Earth. 18 Mar. 2005 <>.

"Unit 7: The Ocean Floor." 18 Mar. 2005 <>.
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Heinrich Events and Their Impact on Climate

Words: 3846 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49264081

Heinrich events are one of the most discussed and debated phenomena related to global climate change. For each theory proposed related to the cause or effect of a Heinrich event, there is a theory contrary to the concept. Theories relating to the binging and purging of ice sheets, cyclic changes in atmospheric conditions, and the thermohaline circulation disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean all play a part in the discussion of Heinrich events. While the debate of the causes of Heinrich events is still ongoing, the effects of the events are well documented, and are clearly substantial in relation to changes in the global climate.

This paper discusses the history of Heinrich events, and will discuss current theories of their origin. Additionally, this paper will outline the scientific method for discovering more information of Heinrich events, and their relationship to the Bond Cycle, Milankovitch Cycles, and Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) oscillations. Finally,…… [Read More]


Bond, G., H. Heinrich, W.S. Broecker, L. Labeyrie, J. McManus, J. Andrews, S. Huon,

R. Jantschik, S. Clasen, C. Simet, K. Tedesco, M. Klas, G. Bonani and S. Ivy. (1992).

Evidence for massive discharges of icebergs into the North Atlantic Ocean during the last glacial period. Nature, 360, 245-249.

Bergeron, L. (1997, Jan. 4). Wobbling world brings iceberg surges. New Scientist, 153(2063), 14.
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Immigrant Experience

Words: 1134 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94570272

Immigrant Experience

Immigration to the United States was not a pleasant experience for many people, at least not initially. I can testify to this since me and my family experienced difficulties when we moved from ussia in 1994. My biggest predicament was the language barrier since I spoke ussian and did not known proper English. It was not easy to make friends in the new country and not knowing the language obviously added to this problem. My parents also found it difficult to get a job since the market wasn't very favorable to fresh immigrants. Americans did not prove to be a very hospitable nation as well. The conditions were not conducive to assimilation or acceptance and thus it looks us few years before we could find some place for ourselves in the United States and become of a part of this multicultural society. In their book on immigration titled…… [Read More]


1) Zohreh Sullivan, Exiled Memories: Stories from the Iranian Diaspora, 2001

2) Leonard Dinnerstein, Roger L. Nichols, David M. Reimers. Natives and Strangers: A Multicultural History of Americans. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996)

3) Statue of Liberty National Monument History: The Immigrant Journey: (Accessed 5th June 2005) 

4) Jenny Masur, Italy: Chapter 2B. Demography., Countries of the World, 01-01-1991
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Henry V Comment Upon the

Words: 1265 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8912523

/ in peace there's nothing so becomes a man/as modest stillness and humility:/but when the blast of war blows in our ears,

Then imitate the action of the tiger." (3.1. (

This growing awareness of the different demands of wartime in contrast to peacetime, and the demands of hardness it makes upon a man shows that the king is capable of learning through experience, and he has begun to realize that war is not a game. hen Henry is leading his men, he also realizes that he cannot show fear, despair, or weakness -- as early illustrated in his weathering of French diplomacy. This characteristic is sharpened before his experiences leading common men in the field, while it was before only shown before aristocrats whose esteem he was trying to win, and show his current contrast to his old reputation. In fact, towards the French enemy, the king is willing…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. "Henry V."MIT Shakespeare Homepage. 2005.
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Otter and Crocket

Words: 3553 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85956216

Otter and Crocket

Crockett considered life as an absolute saga, coupled with the added charisma of undeniable reality and his virtue was that he was willing to devote his life for his loved ones and fellow countrymen. However in spite of his virtues there were also dubious elements involved in Crockett's activities, hence he cannot be considered as a completely virtuous person. Again with regard to William Otter, virtue was in relation to setting things right. However he attempted to dubious means to achieve his ends which raises doubts about his idea of virtue. Finally we shall attempt to have an understanding of the antebellum period and discuss Crockett and Otter in relation to it.

We shall first have a discussion about David Crockett and his understanding of virtue and whether he was virtuous. Crockett considered life as an absolute saga, coupled with the added charisma of undeniable reality and…… [Read More]


Andrew, Paul Hutton. A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee.

University of Nebraska Press, 1987

Stott, Richard B. ed. William Otter: History of My Own Times. Ithaca: Cornell University

Press, 1995
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Snake River Is Part of

Words: 3074 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30363227

Among the animals found in these relatively lush riparian zones are elk, deer, bear, sheep, and mountain lions. In addition, smaller animals that live and feed along this biologically vital corridor may include birds (like the ring-necked pheasant, grouse, geese, falcons, great blue herons, hummingbirds and warblers), small mammals (such as longtail weasel and striped skunk), reptiles (garter snake and the western painted turtle), and amphibians (red-legged frog and the Pacific giant salamander). The flora and fauna often include many threatened, endangered, or sensitive species, among which could be the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and kit fox (The Columbia iver Basin watershed and its ecosystems 2005).

The plant life along the river can also has an effect on the health of the species living in the river by maintaining the health of the river by influencing the amount and kind of sediment in the river. The vegetation along the side…… [Read More]


Columbia River (2005). Center for Columbia River History. Retrieved September 10, 2005 at

The Columbia River Basin watershed and its ecosystems (2005). Foundation for Water and Energy Education. Retrieved September 9, 2005 at .

How a hydroelectric project can affect a river (2005). Foundation for Water and Energy Education. Retrieved September 9, 2005 at .

Human history in the Tetons (2001). Grand Teton History, retrieved September 10, 2005 at .
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Parable of the Sadhu Ethical

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3974619

It was if he had left his ethical principles behind when he entered a context where fulfilling his ethical responsibilities to others meant less than the competitive drive to reach his goal. The fact that he had tried and failed to make the climb before, as a result of altitude sickness, was a further motivator for his callousness. The other climber's similar lack of care and concern for the man created a context where 'every man for himself' seemed to be the dominant ideology, not 'all for one and one for all.'

Later, Stephen attributed his fellow climber's failure to provide adequate care for the sadhu because sadhu was not a part of the climber's culture in his demeanor, and appearance. (McCoy, 1983, pp.104-106) the sadhu was alien, and disoriented as a result of altitude sickness. It was easy to render the man as 'other' or fundamentally different, Stephen argued,…… [Read More]

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Aquifers and Mass Wasting Factors Considered When

Words: 654 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66975437

Aquifers and Mass Wasting

Factors considered when identifying potential aquifers

Depth to water table: Water table refers to that depth below the earth's surface below which there is permanent availability of water. Potential aquifers are mostly located in the region where the water table is relatively closer to the surface of the earth.

Presence of highly permeable soils: Permeability of the soil influences the ability of rainwater or rather surface water to infiltrate into the lower layers of the earth. A region whose soil is permeable is most likely to have critical aquifers. On the other hand, a region with impermeable soil limits water into infiltration to form aquifers.

Presence of flat terrain: Terrain refers to the degree at which the land slopes. Surfaces with flat terrain discourage surface run-off and instead enhances water infiltration into the lower layers of the earth. As a result, the aquifer formed is critical…… [Read More]


Bocanegra, E.M., et al. (2005). Groundwater and Human Development. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis

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Stewart, J.M., et al. (2007). Physical Geology: Exploring the Earth. London: Cengage Learning
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Supercontinent Theory the Physical Geology of the

Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10576083

Supercontinent Theory

The physical geology of the earth consists of a Core (inner and outer), the mantle, the asthenosphere and the lithosphere. The lithosphere is the crust and upper mantle of the earth that is the hard and rigid layer in which humans live. This portion of the earth reacts to the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere through erosion and weathering, resulting in the soil forming process (Johnson, 2006). These layers of the earth are constantly in motion, giving us the Plate Tectonics, or Continental Drift, theory. Briefly, the theory states that the continents move across the molten plate of the earth -- drifting over time based on the rotation of the earth. The early evidence for this, of course, was that the eastern part of South America and Western Part of Africa fit together quite well. However, studies after 1958 show that there are three major reasons why the "drift"…… [Read More]


Frankel, H. (2012). The Continental Drift Controversy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Johnson, R. (2006). Plate Tectonics -- Great Ideas in Science. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publishing Company.

United States Geological Society. (2009). Plate Tectonics. Retrieved from: /gip/dynamic/historical.html" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Intercultural Issues at Hyundai Inter-Cultural

Words: 5761 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72999951

Another major concern for Hyundai, already mentioned before in this introduction, is union efforts to unionize the plant that Hyundai operates in the United States. Union membership has declined steadily in the United States over the last couple of decades but their efforts remain very concerted and strong and the United Auto Workers (UAW), which is the union that works within the automakers domestic to the United States, are certainly no exception to that rule. Indeed, when General Motors filed for bankruptcy, which was eventually taken over and managed by the United States federal government, the unions were able to win a lot more power and concessions while investors took much of the brunt of the bankruptcy.

Obviously, and especially given their union issues in South Korea, Hyundai wishes to avoid a repeat of that dynamic and has made every effort possible to keep their United States operations non-union in…… [Read More]


Culture Clash at Hyundai, Kia. (2008). Orange County Business Journal, 31(12), 51.

Greenberg, K. (2002). Culture Clash May Have Led to Weber Exit. Adweek Eastern

Edition, 43(33), 4.

Hyung Je, J., & Jong-Sung, Y. (2011). Transferring Production Systems: An
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Responsibilities of the Health Care Organization During Disaster

Words: 824 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79183051

Disaster Management

The Role of Healthcare in Disaster Management

Events such as the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 and the tragically mismanaged response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 would demonstrate the need for greater disaster preparedness at every level of civil order. Critical first-responders, rescue workers and law enforcement groups require the appropriate resources, plan of action and high-level coordination to handle the intensive demands that often arise in the face of a natural or manmade disaster. Among those participants in emergency planning and disaster management, few will be taxed the way that healthcare organizations will be. This was incredibly well-demonstrated during Hurricane Sandy last year, when destructive flooding and power outages engulfed New York City. Among the best remembered images of that powerful storm were the workers at one city hospitals transporting intubated newborns while manually pumping oxygen into their lungs. This indelible image highlights the unpredictable role…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

McCarthy, F.X. (2009). FEMA Disaster Housing: From Sheltering to Permanent Housing. Congressional Research Service.

Petersen, R.E. (2008). CRS Report for Congress. Congressional Research Service.

Response Systems. (2013). JCAHO Compliance.
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Commercial Air Carrier America Airlines

Words: 1508 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31210065

" (1999) eported as being potential dimensions for disaggregation are those of "market, season, month, week, section of week, segment, and itinerary." (McGill and yzin, 1999)

American Airlines experienced dramatic growth when other airlines were going bankrupt through increasing its capacity. American Airlines is reported as a prime example of an airline that grew successfully during the years that TWA and other failed. United Airlines held a strong financial position as well that assisted the airlines in weathering the reduction of flights and a steep decline in travel while other airlines failed miserably winding up in bankruptcy. American Airlines managed to bring about a reduction in costs while other airlines including TWA simply could not find a way to reduce costs, which was further stressed by the airlines lack of a solid financial base. In the airlines industry, just as in other industries the ability to profit on a higher…… [Read More]


Dempsey, Paul Stephen (2008) the Financial Performance of the Airline Industry Post-Regulation. Symposium 2008. No. 2 Vol. 45. Retrieved from: 

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Tolkin, J. (2010) Airline Bankruptcy: The Determining Factors Leading to an Airline's Decline Claremont Colleges Scholarship @ Claremont. Fall 2010. Retrieved from:
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Satisfy the Requirements of the

Words: 1667 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47181131

With the news of an office supply chain merger of historical proportions making headlines every day, Staples' CEO on Sargent has been forced to publically clarify the company's resource management strategy (Detar, 2003). Combing through his public statements since news of the merger's pending approval was first publicized, it may be possible to refine and improve the firm's future adaptations to such shifting market conditions.

In order to anticipate the multitude to probable threats posed by a merger between its two main competitors, Sargent and the executive management of Staples must engage in a proactive process of risk management. The likelihood of a combined Office Depot/OfficeMax entity slashing prices to force Staples into counterproductive economic strategies should be considered of paramount importance. Adjusting to the market conditions of an oligopoly, as imposed by the planned merger, will require a comprehensive risk management appraisal that includes the formulation of multiple contingencies.…… [Read More]


Baye, M.R. (2010). Managerial economics and business strategy. 7th ed. New York:


Detar, J. (2013, March 06). Staples profit beats estimates, shares dip on outlook read more at investor's business daily: beat-profit-estimates-but-sees-weakness.htm

Hirschey, M. (2009). Managerial economics. 12th ed. Mason: South-Western College.
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Sea Sediment Types and Their Distribution for

Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29493255

Sea Sediment Types and Their Distribution

For ages mankind has struggled to map the geologic features of its surroundings, scaling tall peaks to measure elevation and traversing deadly deserts to expand the horizons of cartography, but the exploration of land typically ended where the sand met the sea. Although seafaring ships have allowed humanity to navigate the ocean's surface for millennia, the ability to accurately map and analyze the seafloor is a relatively modern innovation. The advent of sonar-aided bathymetric techniques, in the early 20th century, and satellite altimeters today, has allowed scientists and researchers to develop highly accurate, adaptable maps of the seafloor which reflect the shifts in sediment patterns caused by underwater currents. Deep sea exploration through the use of submarine vehicles has also enabled the scientific community to closely analyze the properties and physical makeup of the various strata of seafloor sediment resting thousands of feet, and…… [Read More]


Lutgen, F.K., & Tarbuck, E.J., & Tasa, D. (2011). Foundations of earth science. (6th ed., pp. 275-279). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism Today Modern Scientists Understand

Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88393820

Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism

Today, modern scientists understand that the Earth is billions of years old, they have a basic understanding of how the Earth was formed and how it developed over the eons that it has existed. However, this was not always the case and until the late 1800's, most scientists had no idea of the age of the Earth or how it had changed over time. But in the late 1700's a Scottish scientist named James Hutton carefully observed the world around him and came to the conclusion that the sedimentation observed in bedrock must take place at a very slow rate of speed and must be made up of "materials furnished from the ruins of former continents." ("James Hutton") This idea has been called "Uniformitarianism" and for its development, Hutton has been awarded the title of the "Founder of Modern Geology."

Hutton's ideas were in sharp contrast to…… [Read More]


"James Hutton: The Founder of Modern Geology." Earth: Inside and Out. 2000,

American Museum of Natural History New Press. Retrieved from

Lutgen, F/K., Tarbuck, E.J. (2011). Foundations of Earth Science (6th ed.) Upper

Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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Intimacy in Marriage

Words: 4021 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50436497

marriage and intimacy, and the different ways in which men and women approach these subjects. Styles of love within marriage will be outlined to give way to a more extensive discussion of emotional skills, marital intimacy, marriage stressors, and skills for opening communication, vulnerability, and finally, dealing with infidelity.

Intimacy, as defined by Baumeister and Bushman (2007), is usually thought to be the foundation of all love relationships, and is a feeling of closeness and mutual concern for one another. obert Sternberg proposed the theory of love and its components in 1986, by using a triangle to map out the two different styles that people love each other (Baumeister, & Bushman, 2007). A relationship has three components: intimacy (a feeling of deep closeness), passion (intense attraction), and commitment (conscious decision to be together), according to Sternberg, relationship's are usually either high on intimacy and passion with low commitment, or high…… [Read More]


Baumeister, R., & Bushman, B. (2007). Social psychology and human nature. Mason, OH: Thomson Wadsworth.

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Treatment Options for Solid Waste

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Treatment Options

Solid Waste is generally described as:

• Trash (for instance dairy boxes and even coffee grounds)

• eject (for instance metallic scrap, wall panel, and even empty storage containers)

• Sludges coming from waste materials treatment facilities, drinking water supply clarification facilities, or air pollution control establishments (for instance scrubber slags)

• Manufacturing waste products (for instance manufacturing process contaminated waters and non-waste-water sludges as well as solids)

• Other dumped supplies, such as liquid, semisolid, solid, or even contained gaseous supplies caused by industrial, business, mining, farming, and local community pursuits (for instance boiler slags).

The phrase solid waste isn't restricted to waste products which are physically solid. Numerous solid wastes tend to be liquid, whilst some others happen to be semisolid or even gaseous.

The word solid waste, as based on the Statute, is extremely wide-ranging, including not just the conventional non-hazardous solid waste products, like…… [Read More]


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Economics Problems From a Broader Perspective We

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economics problems from a broader perspective, we need to apply macroeconomic principles. These principles help in understanding collective problems that various industry or countries are encountering and the role government can play in this connection. The paper studies current economic problems in the Transportation sector and explains how levels of supply and demand affect the demand curve.


Macroeconomics deals with economy on a larger scale and studies the principles of economics as they pertain to the whole industry and not just one firm. This helps in understanding national economic problems of inflation, unemployment, slow GDP growth, lower productivity etc. Therefore it is important to apply macroeconomics principles when we want to study and understand the problems being encountered by any economic system. For example in these days of slow growth, we notice that United States economic problems can be better understood in the light of macroeconomics…… [Read More]


Definitions of Economics,

Justin Fox, What In The World Happened To Economics? Fortune, 03-15-1999, pp. 90
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Role of Potassium Argon Dating Within the

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role of potassium argon dating within the field of archaeology. How it works and what methods are used to glean the date from archaeological artefacts and remains.

Potassium argon and the archaeologist

The majority of the world's archaeological sites are now so ancient that there is no actual way of giving them a complete and secure chronological date that radio-carbon dating can provide. However, here are many techniques for dating within the field of archaeology, one of these methods is the K-Ar (Potassium-Argon) method which has been a vast success within the field of geology (the study of earth).

It is possible to date rocks with a low potassium content such as basalts in this way. Sadly the dates are not always secure due to the behaviour of the geochemicals of the parent and daughter elements as they are likely to being disturbed by geological events such as weathering or…… [Read More]


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Manufacture of Deviance the Case of the Soviet Purge 1936-1938

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Soviet Purge

"The Manufacture of Deviance: The Case of the Soviet Purge, 1936-1938." American Sociological Review, 1972.

t's us vs. them! This familiar theme runs through a substantial amount of political rhetoric in the current electoral media discourse. However, writing during one of the most polarized periods of American politics, Walter D. Connor from the University of Michigan was able to show that such a construction of deviancy in a group deemed sociologically 'other' has been largely true of both the left and the right, throughout history and in many nations and political environments. Much as hippies and other social undesirables were tarred and feathered as deviant during the late 1960's and 1970's, in America, the American Sociological Review of 1972 article entitled "The Manufacture of Deviance: The Case of the Soviet Purge, 1936-1938" suggests that the repressive Soviet regime of Stalin similarly derived its sense of popular legitimacy from…… [Read More]

It's us vs. them! This familiar theme runs through a substantial amount of political rhetoric in the current electoral media discourse. However, writing during one of the most polarized periods of American politics, Walter D. Connor from the University of Michigan was able to show that such a construction of deviancy in a group deemed sociologically 'other' has been largely true of both the left and the right, throughout history and in many nations and political environments. Much as hippies and other social undesirables were tarred and feathered as deviant during the late 1960's and 1970's, in America, the American Sociological Review of 1972 article entitled "The Manufacture of Deviance: The Case of the Soviet Purge, 1936-1938" suggests that the repressive Soviet regime of Stalin similarly derived its sense of popular legitimacy from manufacturing or creating not only a communist sense of class or dialectical warfare, but of medical and racial and social deviance of good citizens of the republic vs. The bad citizens.

As the class warfare, according to official Soviet rhetoric had ended, between the bourgeois and proletarian, Stalin was in something of an ideological quandary as to how to define what was wrong with Soviet society, even after communist 'reforms' had been instated. Personal deviance from what was considered the norm in a sociological fashion was one way this was created. By perpetually creating or manufacturing distractions, and then purging such deviant groups, Stalin kept his hold on power through paranoia.

The public's ire and distrust wielded against other social groups, such as Jewish individuals or members of ethnic minorities, rather than politicians. Thus Stalin was able to keep secure in power, even in a nation that was weathering terrible economic privations that would normally spur a population to revolt. The ideological manufacturing of blaming a group, whether international capitalists outside, or Jewish doctors infiltrating the inner sanctum of Stalin's power base ensured that the dictator was able to create a climate of fear on a personal, micro level within the Kremlin and on a macro level for the populace at large, as they had to be constantly on guard for spies and other deviants in their midst. O'Connor ultimately concludes that polarization rather than harmonization is key in a dictatorship, and also in some manifestations of democracy during economic and social difficulties.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri Marketing

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri is an insurance company that serves the state of Missouri. The company serves residents in approximately 75% of the state's area, with services concentrate in the southeastern portion (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri). RightCHOICE Managed Care Inc. (RIT) operates as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri in Missouri, and is a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri has over 1.1 million medical members and acts as an operating subsidiary of ellPoint Health Networks Inc. (Kansas City InfoZine). ellPoint Health Networks Inc. is the second-largest publicly traded health care company in the United States (Kansas City InfoZine), and serves close to 45 million members (Hoovers Online).

In the past, the marketing of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri has faced severe criticism. A Market Conduct Examination Report by…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri. 26 July 2004.

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27 July 2004. -- /free-co-factsheet.xhtml
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Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

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Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

The global economy was relatively doing fine more than five years ago before it was hit by economic downturn or recession. During this period, the American economy was at its peak, particularly in the fourth quarter of 2007. However, this was followed by a mild recession at the beginning of 2008, which eventually turned into a severe credit crisis across the world approximately one year later. While only a few countries escaped the economic recession, virtually no country could avoid the severe bear markets in stock (Norris, 2012). Some countries like the United States experienced changes in gross domestic product and stock markets. Since it has the best record of the main developed countries, the United States was severely affected by the recession. As the economic downturn came to end, America started the process of recovery from the effects of the recession. This…… [Read More]


Davidson, P. (2013, September 11). Economy is Still Bruised Five Years After Crisis. USA

Today. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from 

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Recession. Bloomberg. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from
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Indian Architecture

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Indian architecture

Architectural context

This spacious building is open-sided and resembles a pavilion in appearance more than a formal, permanent structure. Its walls are open. The building has a jutting foyer with two flanking sides. It seems designed for outdoor use. There are elaborate rods holding up the ceiling. The ceiling, unlike the walls, is not transparent, but seems to be made of smoked glass. The shape of the large, tunneled halls is rounded although it comes to a peak at the top.

Surmise: Building and history

This building looks similar to a temporary structure designed for an outdoor festival. It is located amongst verdant grass and gardens. It would be an ideal place for a band to play, or to house an exhibition, allowing the crowds to dart in and out of the covered area. The building is more elaborate than a temporary tent: there is a suggestion of…… [Read More]