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The middle one, Stevie, he's usually hiding in his room but every now and then, he'd hug me like he knew I needed it. Times aren't the greatest for my friends either. They all have family and are looking for jobs, too. Remember our neighbors, the Moribitos? They've got six kids and Domenic, the husband, is out of work, too while his wife is running after their wee little ones. I think despite all the problems, the neighborhood here in New York City seems cohesive like we're all one big family facing the same dilemma. In the end, all we need is love right, and as long as our families got each other; money doesn't make the world go round! It's what I tell Eileen and myself but I don't think she's buying much of it anymore. We have nothing to our name but these ragged clothes on our backs and a small bedroom we all share called a home. How's the rest of the family? How
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are Uncle Sal and Aunt Claudia? How's grandpa Joe and grandma Angie? I miss you guys and I miss the home country but maybe it's better you guys are over there because I would not have made the family proud, not in times like these anyway. People have been killing themselves and their families because they really can't stand it anymore but I don't think I'm brave enough to leave the people I love behind. Eileen sometimes takes the kids to church and pray for better times, for a hope, and for a light at the end of the tunnel but what's a religion that will do this to its people? My wife says it's because I don't believe so we are being punished but when will salvation come because I really need it, the family does, too. Well, the candle's burning out and I need to wake up real early to pick up work, write back when you can. Take care.



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