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Lindbergh, A.M. (1955). Gift from the Sea. New York: Panteon.

Novel Review

It is commonly said about the best kind of stories: that they are busy plotting their next moves while readers are still ensnared by their more immediate charms. Anne Morrow Lindberg's novel Gift from the Sea is that sort of book- the fascinating and elucidating sort. Reader finds itself cooped up inside its terribly attractive, distinctive and perspicacity of life that unleashes all sorts of experiences that a woman goes through during her span of life characterized in different stages. The Gift from the Sea is the story of Anne Morrow life experiences from her early age meditation, her youth, love and marriage, peace, solitude and contentment as she settled down near the sea and recalls all the memories of her past. Lindberg journalistic style is transformed into story and series of essays written in a style which is hard to distinguish between fiction and reality. The metaphor presented in the novel with the seashells is delicately expressing the social networks of mankind. Taking inspiration from the shells on the sea shore, author tries to unleash the reality of individual's life which is wired and connected with machines that are signs of modernity and suppose to simplify life. On contrary, the more technical the society gets the more complex its structure becomes and people gets little time for their families, friends and for themselves.

Lindberg, wisely and brightly describes the shifting forms of relationships from childhood to old age, from a girl who is only daughter to the women who is wife and mother. The life experience presents vision of enduring relationships and everlasting partnership. Sea and beaches are symbols of peace, quietness and deep thoughts. They are not the places where a person works of
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involves themselves in some worldly activity. It is a place where people spend time to rethink their inner self and concentrate on searching inner happiness which they are searching their life long. Author has spent her childhood summer days with her family on a Maine Island. She was then moved to Connecticut coast where she enjoyed her living with her husband Charles Lindberg in the year 1929. She had a quite peaceful living by engaging herself in raising her kids, looking after her family and writing books. Then came another phase of her life when her children left for building their own families and author started extensive traveling especially in the areas of Africa and Pacific for her research work and permanently go settled in island of Maui in Hawaii. She had spent last days of her husband in the same island until he died in 1974.

Author had always aspired and tried to have a simple life, to choose a simple shell which she can carry her life easily. However, reality was far different from her imagination and aspirations. With her husband and five children she had many roles to play, many challenges to take up and many complications to solve. The life which she has chosen as a wife and mother was an array of complications and tricky situations. This signifies the role women plays in her capacity of being a wife and a mother. On its outer shell it looks very glorious, smooth and comfortable but what's the inner story can only be told by the women. She has to make sure that every member of the house is happy, healthy and routine in their daily work environment. On her way to take care of her family, at times she has to sacrifice many things of her life, of her happiness and of her inner…

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