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¶ … Litzelfelner's Factual and Discussion Questions

Answers of Factual Questions

The CASA's medium size program represented 90 children.

The 53% of CASA group reported caregiver substance abuse; however, 35% in Comparison reported caregiver substance abuse.

Based on the cases that had experienced closures, 26.12 months were the Mean number of months for the CASA cases.

The difference of two Mean between CASA and Comparison group is M= 186, and the different of the two Mean between the CASA and Comparison was not statistical significant because the CASA recorded fewer cases compared to Comparison group.

CASA (n-38)

Comparison (n-33)

Difference of two Mean

Number of Continuances




The judges assigned more difficult cases to CASA.

Yes, the researcher considered the findings as sample specific because they applied to only program under study.

Answers of Discussion Questions

Yes, I agree with the researcher that it will not be possible to assign children to both CASA and Comparison because it would affect the study evaluation. For example, if the children were assigned to both groups, the researcher would not be able to


Moreover, the researcher will not be able to evaluate the effectiveness of CASA with regard to achieving positive outcomes within the welfare system. Assigning children in CASA group and Comparison group at the same, the researcher will not be able to evaluate the CASA with regard to:

Case closure rates


"Length of time under court jurisdiction" (Litzelfelner, 2000 p 149).

Child's placement rates

Type of moves


"Number of court continuance" (Litzelfelner, 2000 p 150).

8. Yes, I agree with the researcher. By using the database tracking system, it will be possible to track the activities of the CASA on behalf of children. Tracking the activities of CASA will also make the CASA to be more efficient in their work because they will realize that they are being monitored. The strategy will improve the services that CASA offers to children.

9. Yes, the researcher has been able to convince me that the assignments of CASA are valuable. Moreover, I suggest that CASA should continue their services because many children many not be able to afford the costs of attorney to defend their case under the juvenile courts. If the CASA is stopped, the burden of the work will be enormous for…

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Litzelfelner, P. (2000). The Effectiveness of CASAs in achieving Positive Outcomes for Children. Child Welfare. 79(2):179-93.

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