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Living Social Escapes

Changes in Consumer Behaviors Linked to Online Discount Travel Deals

Today, we live in a world where consumers are constantly demanding goods and services faster and cheaper. In order to meet this heightened demand favoring extreme discounts at the click of a button, online discount retailers have begun to open up new daily travel deals, where amazing discounts on travel packages and locations entice online consumers into purchasing spur of the moment getaways. For example, LivingSocial's official website provides to categories of travel deals, one being "escapes" and the other, and the other is "adventure." While escape provides special rates on hotels and resorts, adventure provides special rates on activities such as tours and different activities. Now, how do these online daily travel deals affect purchase behavior? There are a number of changes in consumer behavior that have come as a direct result from such online discounted travel deals. Consumers are moving towards a more convenient purchase...


Thus, online travel packages embody that sense of easy purchasing in order to entice consumers who may have otherwise not wanted to go on vacation in the first place. One of the major target markets should be the ones who live near the area because of convenience. Packages such as Near Palm Springs which includes a two night stay in a suite, a bottle of champagne, two pool side boxed lunches, and a bag of beauty packages is a great deal but it may be out of the budget for those…

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