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¶ … Ludwig Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 in D Major

This paper will concentrate on New York Philharmonic Orchestra's execution of Ludwig Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 in D Major, David Geffen Hall, known in the past as Avery Fisher Hall. This arrangement was performed on April 8, 2016 in New York's City's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts by the orchestra. The conductor for this performance piece was David Robertson.

Beethoven is seen as a transitional figure between the Classical and Romantic periods of musical history. Most importantly, his work is different from those of any earlier arranger through his formation of huge, expanded architectonic structures described by the broad advancement of musical material, topics, and themes. Beethoven did this by "modulation" or "adjustment" in the sentiment of the home key, through an assortment of keys or consonant locales; a favorite technique by the deaf master (Huscher).

Foundation of Symphony No. 2 in D Major

Beethoven created the second orchestra sometime around fall of 1802 and led the primary execution on April 5, 1803, in Vienna. The score calls for sets of woodwinds, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, and trumpets, with timpani and strings. Ensemble No. 2 in D major, op.36 was explained in the late spring of 1802 in Heilligenstadt, when Beethoven was trying to take control of his life. In this period, he composed his well-known letter to his siblings dubbed "The Heilligenstadt Testament," communicating the two states of mind frequently found in the Master's work: acquiescence, which, even with death, he feels is so close, and the rebellion...


However, even along these lines, only upon careful study does one find any betrayal of Beethoven's intense inner struggle. The subjects of Part I are of a mind blowing power, recreating an "upbeat display aria," and the mirthfulness of the final stand as confirmation of the force he had, regardless of everything else (Munteanu).

Huscher brings up the point that Beethoven's circumstance at the time of the creation of the second symphony was really the foundation of his masterpiece; one of his most vivacious, happy, and active works. It is still Haydn's kind of "composition," that is, sets of winds, with horns, trumpets, timpani, and strings and the format of his last twelve orchestras, four developments, with a moderate presentation and a rondo finale that serve as Beethoven's beginning stage. This is music that Haydn would have seen, however, couldn't have composed. Beethoven's moderate presentation is an entire thirty-three measures of effective, far reaching music, rich in the sort of sensational motion he would later endeavor so boldly and beautifully. The following allegro con brio crackles with an anxious vitality and keeps up an all-business edge, exceptional in symphonic music. The ensemble begins with a moderate presentation, Adagio molto, made up of three segments, which speak of the intersection of topical components, as well as sensational and expressive ones.

Part I -- Allegro con brio, is built fit as a fiddle of a sonata with a topical material of incredible effortlessness, leaving the impression of nobility, experience and genuine vision of life and fate (Munteanu).

Part II -- Larghetto can be viewed as one of the…

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