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That a union may not be proper and that is a main reason why that woman is unable to have children. However when she enters into that "perfect" union she is able to have children. He also believes that men and women both have powers; though they vary, each sex has an upper hand in one way or another. (Lucretius Carus 169)

Every man and women has the power of their thoughts and spoken word. We as opposing sexes are dynamic in our own ways. Lucretius stresses that throughout his writing. The book as a whole comes together not only to show exactly how he feels about love, lust and women. The reading also gives you insight into his life possible things that may have occurred in his own realm of being that formed these realities for him. It has often been said that you have to go
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through something in order to be able to appreciate that situation. This book is a true example of that. For a woman can be the downfall of man and on the other hand she can lift him as high as his ambition will rise. Lusting behind any worldly possession will never bring any good to man. Love is something that everyone should experience within reason. Love should be entered into with an open mind and spirit, never allowing the other person to change who you are and how you feel about your life or goals. Everything is a learning experience, and one point of knowledge I walk away with regarding this book is that our experience should help us grow and become better people. All experiences should be used as life lessons, not aspects for punishing oneself mentally. And that main reason there are erasers on pencils is because all humankind makes mistakes, no single human being is infallible. We as man and woman need each other in different…

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