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¶ … MA in HRM

He was a practitioner of medicine, skilled in the arts of weaponry of virtually any variety. He spoke at least five different languages, and was familiar with customs and practices throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. During all of his daring exploits for revenge, he somehow never lost the essence of his personality and his humble beginnings as a French sailor, nor his innate knack for studying and learning the characters of men and applying that to his adventures.

Of all the works of literature I studied while earning my Bachelor's degree at King Saud's University in Saudi Arabia and at __ (insert University name) in Paris, The Count of Monte Cristo and its quintessential hero, Edmond Dantes, had the most impact on my life. I have patterned myself after the


My scholarship in a diverse range of literature spanning authors and subjects from across the globe has helped familiarize me with the essentials of critical thinking and interpreting various problems and solutions pertaining to the humanities. Moreover, my work in this field has thoroughly familiarized me with an understanding of human nature, which I am eager to apply to a field with the almost limitless possibilities of human resources management.

There are a variety of reasons why I have chosen to pursue this field for my graduate studies. It is one of the most viable degrees available today because of the many lucrative career options it yields.…

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