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In the first one to three years, Make a Change plans to step up its budget or marketing and advertising expenses as a way to drive up business and profits. After the first year, we also plan to bring in other charities on board to share in some of the donations we will be producing through our gross profits.

Production Goals


The main cornerstone of the business will rely upon t-shirt sales. On our site, we will offer a variety of different colors and styles, which vary in price to the customer. These shirts range in cost to us depending on the style chosen. Like all other products, 10% of our gross profits from t-shirt sales will go to our chosen charity. All tees are 100% cotton, with several sizes, fits, and colors available to the consumer.

Make a Change Brand. Blank cotton tees total to $1.75 a piece, with women's baby doll tees at $2.50 a piece. We are also capable of acquiring women's tanks at $1.75 each. These shirts can be acquired in a variety of colors and sizes; the site will offer choices in grey, blue, black, red, yellow, and forest green in sizes fro extra small to XXL. The customer can then chose the Make a Change logo or other custom design to the tee which then creates another business cost, silk-screening. For larger orders and Make a Change merchandise, which can be mass produced to acquire even more savings per unit, costs per tee from 51-100 units are $5.17 each, with a total potential of $517 for an order of 100. Orders of 200-500 are at $4.07 an item with a total potential cost $2,035 for an order of 500 tees. Together, these two totals make the average mass produced printed tee offered b Make a Change range between $6.92 for a Make a Change men's and $7.67 for a fitted women's tee. Thus, with these costs in mind Men's tees and Women's tanks will be sold to the customer at $20.00, which is a standard retail markup of triple our cost and leaves us with a gross profit of $12.33. Using this same ratio, Women's fitted Make a Change tees will be sold at $23.00 with a gross product of $15.33. 10% of profits from every tee sold will go to charity, leaving a charitable donation of $1.23 for Men's tees and Women's tanks and $1.53 from each fitted Women's tee sold are all going to charitable donations.

Custom designed tees. With custom designs, the costs of acquiring the tees does not change. However, batches of 1-50 shirt silk screens will end up costing $7.82 each, with totals ranging from $6.07 to $303.50 depending on quantity. Custom designs will naturally cost us more money, especially single made designs that are according to specific customer specifications for an individual garment. For one single design, our cost would come to $9.57 for Men's tees and Women's tanks, with a total of $10.32 a piece for the women's fitted tees. Thus, our price point for Men's tees and Women's tanks will be $28.00 with a gross product of $18.43 and $30 for custom Women's fitted pieces with a profit of $19.68. With the 10% of the profit given to charity, that leaves a total of $1.84 per each Men's tee and Women's tank, with $1.97 for each Women's fitted tee going to charity.

Coffee Mugs

The second piece to the puzzle are our coffee mugs. These are 100% ceramic mugs which are offered in four different colors, black, white, grey, and blue. They make great gifts as well as personal items, for who can't avoid that tempting cup of joe in the morning?

Make a Change Brand. Our Make a Change branded coffee mugs will feature the Make a Change logo in the four different colors available. They are a great way to let everyone in the office know your commitment to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. These mugs will be purchased I batches of 201-500 mugs at a wholesale price of $0.76 per individual item. Based on typical retail mark up, they will be sold to consumers at a price point of $3.99, a small price to pay for making change in the


This then leaves us here at Make a Change with a gross profit of $2.71. According to company policy, 10% of that gross profit will be given tour charity of choice, leaving a charitable donation of $0.27 per individual Make a Change branded mug sold.

Custom Designs. Just as with our tees, Make a Change will also offer custom printing of designs and logos based on the customer's own choice. Thus, customers can feel their own individual connection to the Make a Change message while also promoting their own unique designs or company logos. These custom pieces are at a higher cost to us, at around $2.79 per item in batches of 1-50 mugs. Thus, the price point to the consumer must also go up, and has been set at a cost of $8.00. This leaves us with a gross profit of $5.21 and a charitable donation of $0.52 per custom coffee mug sold.

Key chains

The third product to be offered on our site are our Make a Change branded and custom logo key chains, available in eight different colors: blue, green, black, yellow, pink, red, purple, and grey. These are a great way to show one's devotion to change with the everyday outside world. They can be great gifts, as well as simple personal items bought to help make a change in the lives of a stranger who needs it.

Make a Change Brand. These key chains are lightweight aluminum, yet can withstand the rough pressures of everyday wear and tear. They are affordable and help produce charitable donations to help make a change within the context of our chosen charity to receive donations. Our branded key chains will be purchased in bulk order of 201-500 individual pieces. Based on bulk pricing, we will acquire each piece for $0.76 each. With retail mark up, this leaves the price to the consumer at $2.50. That leaves Make a Change with a gross profit of $1.74 and a charitable donation of $0.17 for each item of branded key chain purchased.

Custom Designs. We also offer custom printing for our key chain items. This leaves the customer with full reign in choice of design or their own company logo to help support the facilitation of change in the world as we know it. These orders can range from one single item ordered up to 50 individual pieces. The cost to us here at Make a Change comes to $1.34 per key chain. Based on the increased cost to us, we will turn the price point to the consumer to $4.00 per individual custom item. With this price point, we here at Make a Change will be making a gross profit of $2.66 per item sold, and $0.26 given to our chosen charity as part of the Make a Change promise to charitable organizations.

Note pads

Note pads are extremely useful in any context, both business and recreational. Parents can make a difference in someone's life by ordering their student's school supplies through Make a Change rather than going to a local discount store. These are also great gifts and business promotional items, while at the same time allowing for charitable donations per each item sold.

Make a Change Brand. The Make a Change branded notebooks are important to help show one's commitment to change without having to go outside of one's normal everyday activities. They are lightweight and feature two pockets within the binding for spare or loose papers. Our cost based on bulk ordering prices comes to $0.89 a piece for each notebook ordered. We can then turn around and sell to our consumers at a retail price of $2.50. This leaves us with a gross profit of $1.61 and with the 10% deducted for our charitable donations, that leaves a donation of $0.16 per each Make a Change branded notebook sold.

Custom Design. For promotional items, business needs, or just individually designed notebooks to please the picky student, consumers can choose our custom designed notebooks. These are the same style notebook offered with the Make a Change branding, just with a custom design or logo in lieu of the Make a Change brand name. Our cost for ordering these custom printed notebooks comes to $1.19 a piece. Our price point to the consumer then comes to $3.50 a piece, which is only a dollar more than our Make a Change branded notebooks. This leaves us here at Make a Change with a gross profit of $2.31 per custom notebook sold and a total of $0.23 given to our chosen charity upon each sale.

Water bottles

Water is essential within everyone's life. It is also…

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