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¶ … decision making points a nonprofit organization. Study Boys & Girls Club New Rochelle ( info find. Create a case study utilizing information learned Managerial Decision Making.

Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle

What is the history of the organization? What is the mission of the organization?

The Boys and Girls of New Rochelle was initiated in 1929 aiming at safeguarding the interests of youth as the big sufferers during harsh economic times. Through the efforts of well-wishers, the Club has continually made efforts to meet the needs of the youth and the surrounding community (Bazerman, 1997).

The Club continues to attract grants and donations from individuals and organizations with the appreciation that youth empowerment is of great value to the community. To date Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle has boosted the potential of the youth by helping in the upbringing of successful adults and persons who are mindful of the community.

The Club's mission is to empower young people, particularly those in need for support to facilitate their ability to attain the full potential in the society as responsible and caring citizens. To meet this, the club provides after school programs that targets to improve the youth's social, communication and problem solving skills, academic performance.

2. What are the most common decision-making methods and tools used within the organization

Decision making at the Boys and Girls Club is by consultation with the members and the partners of the club. Stakeholders such as the local authorities, school heads, the youths, parents and the club donors are also involved in decision-making process. The Club appreciates that their initiative has a bearing upon a number of persons in the community.

Upon collection of opinions from the different stakeholders, the board members set off to the task of discussing the opinions. This task engages evaluation, assessment and appraisal of the opinions. The decision adopted by the Club will be through


Is there a decision making process? Describe and analyze

The decision making process by the Club lands on the Board members with the directors Guidance. The board members rely on the staffs assessments of view offered by the stakeholders and their subsequent appraisal reports. The Club's board as the one responsible to give directions to the activities of the Club will make the final decision. This is by determination of the likely partnership arrangements to result, sources and availability of funding and sustainability potential of the program.

4. Identify the three most significant decision making points the organization has tackled. Would you have done something differently in each case? Identify the decision and Why would your method be more effective

Among the major decisions tackled include; Entering into partnership with the district's schools and college to create an after school program for the youth; Opening Club Outreach Centers in the City and Undertaking renovations on the city property (Remington Unit of the Boys and Girls Club - South of Lincoln Park).

Additional to involving the school management I would consider involving the student's parents and guardians. Involving the parents or guarding will bring on board a homely environment allowing the Club Directors understand the challenges the Youth and their parents face after school.

To make a cost effective expansion and outreach program, I would consider setting up outreach centers within district schools and colleges. This would make ease and legitimize youth recruitment to the program (Chugh, 2004).

Additional to taking up such renovations it would be ideal to consider future commercial activities in food preparations. This would involve incorporating a public dining area where the community around can embrace healthy foods prepared partly by the youth. As a commercial activity, it would help raise revenue for the Club for use in training more youths and other Club activities (Chugh, 2004).

5. Why is this organization successful or unsuccessful? Does it have to do with their decision making culture? Explain your answer

The organization's success can be attributed to the availability of an avenue to support young people as noble idea as opposed to the leadership ability. The management of the club receive support from people…

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