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Management Philosophies

Samsung Group

Samsung group is South Korean company headquartered in Seoul Samsung town. Samsung group comprises of many subsidiary groups that are under the Samsung group. Founded in 1938 by LeeByung-chull as a trading company, Samsung group has grown to diversify into insurance, textile industry, retail and security industries. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the 1960s. It has grown to be the leading manufacturer of cell phones in the world. Samsung makes more annual sales and profits in the communication industry than any other company. Samsung is a multinational company that has employed thousands of people in all the subsidiaries that it owns. This makes management a huge task. Samsung needs to incorporate management strategies that will enable it to manage the employees effectively. Effective management practices will ensure that the company grows since there will be minimal errors associated will poor management practices. Samsung should develop a management philosophy that will ensure that all the employees practice good management.


Constructivism is a management philosophy that Samsung group needs to incorporate in the organization. Constructivism is as a management theory explains the construction of knowledge in human beings (Leonard 2002). This happens when information comes to contact with existing knowledge developed by experiences. An early exposure and collaboration will help people to develop their skills towards management (Leonard 2002). Samsung group should ensure that their employees learn management skills through a


Samsung will benefit from constructivism because it will make them achieve company objectives and projects. Using constructivism management philosophy, managers in Samsung group will lead subordinate employees by emphasizing the company's goals. This management approach requires managers to plan, organize, lead, staff and control employees in consideration of learning objectives of the company. A manager needs to teach his employees of management practices that will push the company into attaining objectives. This will improve the performance of Samsung group since it will focus on the objectives of the company as the main driving factor to increased profitability of the company. Constructivism encourages evolution and discovery (Powell 2009). Discovering new knowledge, will make the company change the way it manages employees.

Constructivism has its roots in cognitive psychology, which shows the creation of knowledge in order to bring good management practices (Powell 2009). Jean Piaget argues that knowledge formation is a process, which follows stages linked to time, observation and experience (Leonard 2002). This contrasts to an article by Ruth-Sahd in which she gives another perspective to cognitive and social development. According to Ruth-Sahd (2011), it is not necessary that a nursing student master nursing theoretical concepts before undertaking practical nursing experiments. She states that cooperative learning in the clinical setting with the same level student in an entry-level baccalaureate-nursing course enhances long-term learning.

The objective of collaborative…

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