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Managing Quality in Practice Settings: Six Sigma at Floyd Medical Center

By examining an organization's approach to establishing, measuring, and evaluating performance and outcomes, it is possible to develop a firmer grasp on how the quality control process functions in practice. To this end, this paper provides a review of the literature concerning quality management practices at Floyd Medical Center in Rome, Georgia, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.

Meaning of "managing quality" and what it means at Floyd Medical Center

Managing quality at Floyd Medical Center is the responsibility of all staff members and the hospital's stated goal in this regard is to "provide excellent care while ensuring the comfort, privacy and safety of our patients and visitors"; the medical center adds that its healthcare teams are "dedicated to continually improving your experience by providing quality health care that is compassionate, convenient and easily accessible" (Patients and visitor information, 2013, para. 2).

What standards are in place to manage quality?

Quality management at Floyd Medical Center is accomplished through the Joint Commission and other accrediting agencies' accreditation process that ensures that the accredited organization satisfies certain "standards of excellence" that demonstrate quality healthcare services are being provided (Cohen, 2008).

Responsibility for assessing outcomes and determining if standards are met

Floyd Medical Center implemented a Lean Six Sigma approach to assessing outcomes and determining if quality standards were being met. This approach resulted in sustained positive outcomes and an organization-wide change in culture to one that embraces and celebrates quality patient care (Stuenkel & Faulkner, 2009).

The role nurses play in quality management and accountability for standards

Because they are on the front-line of patient care, nurses are in a good position to observe deviations from treatment protocols and instances of suboptimal quality care (Cohen, 2008).

How nurses can be empowered and motivated to adhere to standards and improve quality

Nurses at Floyd Medical Center are empower and motivated to adhere to standards and improve the quality of patient care part of this tertiary healthcare facility's organizational culture.…

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