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Margaret C. Campbell and Caleb Warren. "The Progress Bias in Goal Pursuit: When One Step Forward Seems Larger than One Step Back." Journal of Consumer Research (2015).

This article is focused on presenting the findings of seven research studies that intended to reveal some of the factors that influence people's attitude towards reaching objectives and their impact. The study involved human subjects and took several months. The human subjects involved in the study are overweight individuals interested in losing weight.

The study started by selecting the human subjects involved in the study based on several criteria. The selected subjects were administered a questionnaire in order to determine their initial situations. They were psychologically evaluated in the initial step of the study.

Throuhout the stydy, subjects were monitored by having them respond to questionnaires and submit information about their activity and actions regarding their objective reaching progress and their psychological attitudes. This information was submitted on a weekly basis and was analyzed by psychologists involved in the study.

The studies have revealed the fact that there is an important progress bias in situations where consumers try to reach an objective. In other words, consumers tend to weigh more their positive progress, while not granting...


This can be considered one of the reasons that keep people from reaching different goals.

The results of the study are very important for how marketers in different lines of business communicate. Those in the weight loss industry have a reason for which dieting or exercising does not work in certain situations. This allows them to better communicate their products and their benefits.

Michaela Draganska, Wesley R. Hartmann, and Gena Stanglein (2014) Internet vs. Television Advertising: A Brand-Building Comparison. Journal of Marketing Research.

This article focuses on challenging many advertisers' belief that TV advertising is more efficient than Internet advertising. Their disbelief in the online industry prevents them from allocating larger budget shares to online advertising. They consider TV advertising the most important communication tool, determining them to docus their efforts and budget on this channel.

The study was performed on a large number of participants panel. Human subjects in this study were asked to reveal their advertising experience with Internet and TV channels. Several ad types were used in this research.

The results of the study are very interesting.…

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