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Market segmentation iPhone and blackberry market segmentation

According to the Business Directory (2012), market segmentation is the process of defining and subdividing a vast market that is mostly homogeneous into segments that possess similarities in needs, demands, wants as well as characteristics. It is actually the opposite of a general market mix since it narrows the market mix to the specific targets. The purpose of the segmentation is to help match the products to the expectations of the targeted clients.

The iPhone and the blackberry should also seek to develop market segmentation that takes into account the specific target and should take care of the following in the market segmentation; the market segment should be measurable, it must be accessible by distribution channels and communication, the market segment should be different from other phones in the response to a marketing mix, the segment should be durable and must as well be substantial enough to be profitable to the company. These are some of the similar factors that both blackberry and iPhone must consider while undertaking the market segmentation.


iPhone is one of the products of Apple Inc. which is a technology company that designs, produces and sells goods of the Computer, Music and Mobile-phone Industries. It is differentiated by its brand-perception and identification. Over the last couple of years, Apple has become a cult-brand, thanking its life, iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines. Apple Inc.'s short-term goals are currently increasing the sales of the just launched iPad (the most innovative web-browser in market). In the long-run, Apple aims are to be on the top of the market, becoming the number one leader.

Apple is seen as a big corporation with a huge startup, with a corporate culture that is geared toward engineering and is known to minimize as much as possible the bureaucracies as well as taking absolutely good care for its employees. The corporation is run by the engineers as Apple does not have a lot of product management with really small project teams that are driven by engineers (Business Insider, 2011).

The iPhone is the brands of the smartphones that are produced by the Apple Company. The main targets of iPhone are the upper class and the middle class who majorly use it for business purposes and other applications that it comes with other than just calling and sending texts.


Blackberry is a product of the Research In Motion (RIM), a company that deals in electronics. Just like the iPhone, it is also widely used by the entrepreneurs and businessmen. It is also a smartphone that has software which gives the possibility of access to various communication services as well as data usage. It has a way of combining a lot of the things that would matter to a person on the move like the emails, texting, calls, music, camera, games, maps access capability, organizer as well as applications (Tech Target, 2012).

Similarities between the two smartphones

There are numerous shared features between the two phones and these are the significant determinants to the market segmentation strategy that the two phones should adopt. These features are; support for remote administration, encryption of message, possibility of push email or mail forwarding, inbuilt personal digital assistant, document management, multimedia support including the web browsing capability, text messaging and photo forwarding.

Taking into account the possibilities above that they present to the users, the market segmentation is quite similar.

iPhone and blackberry marketing segmentation

There are recommended ways of market segmentation that the two iPhones can use to ensure their products are accessed by the optimum number of clients as well as retain the market appeal and image that is intended by both the companies.

Geographic segmentation; this is a segmentation that can work well with the two smart phones. This is a segmentation that is based on factors like the population density, population growth, industrial growth rates, international macroeconomic factors among other issues to be considered. The smartphones should target markets that are industrializing since most of them will need the access to email and the PDA capability as well as document manipulation. This is due to the fact that the population here is highly mobile trying to coordinate a lot of business deals outside their work stations. The smartphones should also target markets whose population is growing in density as it is easy to penetrate such…

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