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Social Media and Business Administration

In today's technology driven business environment, few companies can be said to be marketing effectively if they don't possess some form of social media presence. However, how this presence is achieved may vary considerably from one type of organization to another. These distinctions are highlighted in the discussion here, which considers the approaches taken by CGU Insurance and L'Oreal Maybelline respectively. CGU demonstrates the social media strategies that might be used in a 'business to business' context whereas L'Oreal gears its social media communication strategy toward business to consumer interactions.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Social Media:

From a Business to Business standpoint, CGU Insurance has succeeded in establishing a Facebook page that demonstrates its identity, offers regular posts that attract user attention and maintain the professionalism befitting of a
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company in the insurance field. The greatest weakness in using Facebook for social media is also exhibited on the CGU site, where customer comments appear to be uncensored. Negative feedback is shown on a page that is to be used for marketing.

By contrast, L'Oreal Maybelline hosts a Facebook page that is not updated frequently and is difficult to locate using search engines. This suggests that the company has made its presence on Facebook an afterthought. This passive approach is readily observable by onlookers and may be alienating to potential clients. Neither organization appears to have taken any special pains to establish a Google+ presence, an indication of that social network's lesser penetration of the business sphere.


With respect to appropriateness of selected social media priorities, both L'Oreal and CGU appear to have expended effort to establish a firm and frequently updated LinkedIn presence.…

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