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2. Ad strategy through components above: "Campaign -- Roses for Your Mother for Mother's Day From FTD." -- basic idea, field of roses, talking with each other, they can't wait to be picked fresh and sent for special occasion; vying for who gets to surprise Mom and why. Rather than animation, use of computer aided techniques, the real roses "appear" to talk in the field. No humans are shown in the commercial.

Roses for Your Mother for Mother's Day -- From FTD




Message Strategy

Combination Conative and Promotional

Designed to convince consumers that roses are special and that for the upcoming MD holiday, it is best to send something unique that Mom would not expect.


Emotional -- Guilt, emotion

Consumers are usually at their wit's end trying to understand what to get Mom on MD. The emotional appeal of the "honest flowers" is designed not only to convince, but prove elegance.

Creative Brief


Talking roses? Roses so eager to become a gift they vie for the chance? Fantasy with a twist.

Leverage Point

Combination of emotion and Fear

The emotions tied up in MD and gift giving, the humor in talking roses, and the fear of forgetting Mom

Executional Framework

Dramatization with use of magical realism

Consumers know what roses are -- and that the flower...


Showing the various colors and styles of roses eager for the chance to make Mom happy transcends culture, and moves towards emotional fulfillment.

The typical, but atypical "rose"

Eager to be chosen, eager to please -- eager to express the benefits and features.

Means-Ends Chain

Nostalgia, necessity, and the idea of need

Nostalgia for the "ideal" MD, even though we know that holidays are more ideal than real; necessity for having to purchase something, need because of the time frame -- with this advertisement, need is handled simply with a phone call, spending of money and the arrangement appears -- magically for Mom.

Goal -- to ensure consumers purchase roses for Mom at Mother's Day prior to spending money on any other gift.

Positioning -- Roses grown special for that special person.

Medium -- Television, Magazine advertisement -- can communicate the message easier.

Tag Line -- "No one is as special as Mom, but we can't wait to make her day with fresh and fragrant roses."


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