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Definition and Introduction to Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management can indicate two interlined directions. CRM development process is the first step and the second is contentment of CRM. The process is segmented into three components:




CRM involves activities which firms think help fulfill client demands, notice their preferences and resolve their issues. Conducting an in depth analysis, CRM process can be divided into external and internal programs. Internal programs indicate organizational framework, culture and knowledge management. External programs indicate customer interaction (Toma, Mihoreanu and Ionescu, 2014).

Building Long-Term Customer Relationship at Harley Davidson

Competitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) between industrial consumers and manufacturing companies will keep and maintain the loyal consumers whilst their valuable input will be regarded as highly beneficial. Harley Davidson came to the conclusion that in order to inculcate long lasting relationships, the 'customers are always right' model has to be accepted.

The manufacturer invests quite a lot of time and funds in this regard. Those suggestions assist in improving the product's quality and services offered. CRM takes a new path of approaching the consumer's preferences. CRM helps in developing innovation capability as well as creating a steady competitive advantage. The firm has established the relationship between innovation capability and CRM. Harley Davidson interacts with its fan following via travel adventures, events and providing accessories for its loyal following who own the brand (Toma, Mihoreanu and Ionescu, 2014).

Marketing Management Concepts

Marketing strategy confirms successful performance of a firm. The hallmarks of management concepts are as follows:

Marketing strategy formulation

Marketing strategy implementation,

Firm performance;

Viability of marketing strategy

External environment also factors in major management concepts. But, strategy...


For a strategy to be successful, rigorous application, assessment and control mechanism are also necessary (Ramaseshan, Ishak and Kingshott, 2013).

Control and evaluation is the connection of a firm with its external surrounding since it shows how competitively the firm adapts with the changing environment. Harley Davidson has realized that it has much more potential than motorcycles. The corporation sells the feeling of:




Hence, Harley Davidson is much more of a lifestyle experience instead of being a product consumption experience (Ramaseshan, Ishak and Kingshott, 2013).

Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning

The method of dividing heterogeneous markets in homogenous groups where they cater to differing marketing needs, is termed as segmentation. The applications can vary from advertising to product innovation, customer management and distribution strategy. With the help of segmentation, targeting is made more competitive as well as altering trends and consumer behavior can also be addressed.

But, it has its challenges. For companies like Harley Davidson, targeting denotes recognition of elements which explain the reason of their consumer's varied responses and demands. Differentiation enables uniqueness as positioning ensures deliverable of differentiated schemes responsiveness and lastly communication ensures active consumer participation (Canhoto, Clark and Fennemore, 2013).

Undifferentiated, Differentiated and Concentrated Targeting Strategies

The marketing tools can consist of differentiated, undifferentiated and concentrated targeting strategies. In case of undifferentiated targeting, it has the capacity to surge targeting efficiency as well as addressing the diversifying behavior and consumer needs.

Concentrated targeting stresses on a particular category / area / demographic of people.

Segments Targeted By Harley-Davidson

For Harley, differentiated targeting works best because:

Detecting and profiling consumers for valuable input and information is facilitated

Covers areas which aren't covered by conventional sources

Assists in delivering stellar products keeping differentiated propositions in mind (Canhoto, Clark and Fennemore, 2013).

In case of Harley Davidson, its most prized marketing instrument is the fan following which rides…

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