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Gillette Shaving Marketing Plan Argentina!!! This project introducing Gillette shaving Argentina Market. We a group a huge project Market Analysis Plan Argentina Specific.


Marketing refers to the concept of identifying, anticipating, and implementing a plan that satisfies consumer demand for a particular product or service. The essence of marketing is to ensure that a product being offered in the market gains enough popularity and acceptance by customers to make profits . The two main aspects of a marketing plan are to identify customer needs, requirements, and formulation of a stipulated matrix that shows how such demand will be met and over what period of time. Marketing analysis is therefore the process where the necessary conditions for a marketing decision to be made are explored. The aspects of decision making include gathering and recording the necessary information about the market, the product, consumers and competition in a logical and strategic way.


From the conducted audit of the Argentina market, some fascinating facts surface on the marketing planning for the region. This paper is going to focus on the various marketing aspects identified in the audit and how they relate to the formulation and implementation of a marketing plan. The main purpose of a Marketing plan is to help assess how well an organization is doing in its markets, establish marketing objectives to be achieved in the markets, and ensure that the company knows their strengths and weaknesses in where the company operates. Focusing in the analysis of the marketing plan including financial data will be the main focus. It will help consider the following. 1)management and costing functions, 2)product data where the focus is on research and development, 3)sales and distribution data where the focus is on distribution, sales, packaging, and distribution. The other aspects to explore are market data, miscellany and finally advertising.

Marketing Analysis of Country Demographics

The demographics of Argentina show a growth rate of 0.95% from the current statistics and these shows that there is comparatively an increase in the market that is open for business. The life expectancy rate is placed at between 74-80, which is an indicator that there are well aligned and expanded health care facilities in the country and the standards of living in the country are raised. In a country where the living standards and life expectancy is high, the introduction of any product has to be in conformance with the levels of living and facilities within the country (Kotler, Phillip, & Armstrong, 2012).

In Argentina, from the audit statistics presented, the majority of the population is below 45 years of age. This implies that the purchasing power of the country is high because of the productivity of the majority of the population. Holding the dependency level is low, and then it is obvious that there will be a high level of economic growth due to the high number of activities that the people below the age of 45 years are carrying out in the country. Also, further statistics show that the quality of life index from the 2014 statistics shows that in Argentina, the quality of life is 81.12%. In the introduction of a new product therefore, it is important to make considerations on the quality and price of the product. It is more likely that in a country where the quality of life is above 75%, then the population there is ready to pay higher prices, but only with the guarantee of high quality products (Argentina Country Study Guide, 2003; Kotler et al., 2012).

An analysis of health status and the causes of death in Argentina show that the main cause of death in the country is influenza, pneumonia, stroke and heart disease. While introducing Gillette, it is important to factor all environmental considerations that come with the use and disposal of the product. In the country apparently, most of the population is aware of the health hazards that the country is faced with and they can work it out to ensure that everyone is proactive of the known. While introducing Gillette here, the marketing plan should give an assurance to the people that the product is environmentally safe in both use and disposal. This will make the product...


These factors are usually dependent on the firm's specific overall strategies, and they ought to be clear, focused, realistic, quantified and agreed. Statements need to be clear off any ambiguity and easy to understand by anyone who is bound by their requirements. The expected outcome of each particular activity should, to some extend, be quantifiable so that results can be measured and monitored periodically and throughout the implementation process. It is also important to make sure that the process and the target for the market is achievable .

From the conducted audit, service industry is portraying the greatest growth in the economy by the World Bank statistics through a percentage of 61%, followed by industry sector with 29% and finally the agricultural sector with 9.3%. In the marketing planning, it is key to note that the introduction of produce, Gillette will be a contributor to the industry and the product market which is the second greatest income earner for Argentina. Being a main income earner, the implication is that there is a number of players in that market hence competition is tight and the marketing plan should address the possibility of failure of the product at the introduction.

Geographic factors and how they shape the culture

Argentina is in South America and the country resembles the head of a bull with its pendant shape. Argentina is bordered by the South Atlantic Ocean and this makes it ideal for fishing industries and sea ports. The two main climates experienced in Argentina is the temperate climate in the southeast and subantarctic in the southwest region of the country. These two forms of climate are very much related to the growth of hair in a human body and also mean that the product in question, one that should assist human's clear hair from their bodies is well placed to be in the region.

In a temperate climate, the heat levels are varied and this means that demand for the product will be varied over a range of different periods. Also, it is important to indicate that the region will be highly susceptible to growth and keeping hair in the human body and this makes it cumulatively a need for a marketing plan that establishes the apprehensiveness of the region and also allows for the people to take it upon themselves and give the country they're all in the purchase and use of the product. This will be by entrenching in the marketing and promortion activities the different behaviours and cultures of the people of Argentina.

This incorporation will create an identity to the product and increase its market presence and ease of adoption by the population (Gannon & Martin, 2004). The proposed marketing through media will be by incorporating different cultures to blend with a shaving tradition and the climatic conditions in Argentina.

Argentina as an economic entity displays a significant potential to embrace economic shocks and wave through. It is observed that the resource with the countrys spurse endownemnets allow for the contry to sufficiantlty sustain and achieve dynamic growth figures. This gives a sence of econommic security to willing investors. The ability of an econonomic entity to respond quickly and recover from economic shock is desirable. It also indicates that the economy is stable to facilitate innitiation of a venture and sustainingteh venture. Although Argentina is separated from the rest of the world, it has ability to reach out to other countries through exports. The ability of Argentina to sustain its trade with other countries supports the country's economic status as well as the income of the residents in Argentina. This will also support Gillettes venture to introduce thier brand in Argentina.

Significant Historical Factors shaping the culture and discussion

There are various historical trends that shape the culture of people in Argentina. Considering the emmidiate post collonial Era, Argentina come out as a relatively divided country. The social cohesion seen in the country today was missing back then owing to a political divide between proponents of a federal and unitary form of governemnt. After a long period of struggle for control over the resource in the land a new breed of citizens comprising of indegeneous and imigrant was borne (Argentina Country Study Guide, 2003). The educational system contributed to the creation of social groups within the nation. The observed cultures in Argentina have a resssemblance of the global culture. This makes the country unique as well as creating a social bond of identity.

Recently, Argentina was the top of the beef consumer in the world a trend that has changed with…

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