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Marketing Development of Beverage

Dear Marketing Team

ABC Company

Marketing Development of Beverage

As our company is in the process of marketing development of a new beverage, I am determined to have the impressive launch of the product. In this regard, I am analyzing the advertisement strategies of various players in the same industry. This practice is carried out with the perspective of applying the plus points of the advertisement in our advertisement and avoiding the pitfalls. As we have ready samples collected from industry, we can evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement and manage to get the desired results out of it.

In my discussions with people, I got to know that they like advertisement of Coca-Cola. I also felt that Coca-Cola has monopoly in certain areas and people are loyal to it (Mennen, 2010) as their forefathers were also fond of this drink. I searched for the ads of Coca-Cola and one of them caught my attention. I have done its analysis and sharing it with you for your information and recommendation.

Objective of the Advertisement

The objective of every advertisement is to attract target market towards the product so that its sale can be increased. However, there are certain ads in which target market is also defined. It is one of the important parts of creating brand awareness so that people may get an idea about the likely use of the product and the utility which that product offers.

The advertisement of Coca-Cola conveys a strong message of quality. Through the term continuous quality the organization invites the attention of all quality conscious customers. It is important to mention that in the recent years, the food and beverage industry has gone through standardization procedures which have highlighted the need of quality consciousness. Hence the advertisement gives the message to all quality conscious customers...
...If a brand is old and established one, the organizations generally do not need to specify age, gender, income group and educational background in the advertisement placed. The demographics are assumed to be known and in order to be creative, organizations tend to use buzz words to attract their target market, to increase the frequency of use of the product and spread the positive word of mouth about it.

This advertisement does not give an idea about the demographics of its target market. A slight idea can be gotten through the price mentioned in the advertisement.

Demographics of the Advertisement

As mentioned previously, the advertisement does not give any idea about the type of person, social class, culture, lifestyle and values/beliefs of the target market. However, there are certain implicit inductions from the advertisement which are mentioned below.

It focuses on quality and claims of maintaining it for a long time. Hence, quality is considered to be a value of Coca-Cola. By including this term in the advertisement, the attention of quality conscious customers is sought.

The term continuous quality gives an idea that the brand is established and well-known among the people. The images also convey the meaning of serving the generations hence sustainability is an indirect message depicted in the advertisement.

The advertisement is inviting the customers to trust in it so that long-term relations can be built. Hence loyalty is also established.

Consumer needs the advertisers are trying to fulfill

As Coca-Cola is a brand of beverage, the main need which it can fulfill is thirst. However, there are many substitutes to satisfy thirst needs. In order to differentiate its product from other substitutes available in the market, Coca-Cola has targeted quality conscious customers. In other words the self-esteem needs of the people are targeted. By giving the message that Coca-Cola is present in the industry for so many years, it is raising the self-esteem…

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