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Marketing in Healthcare Catholic Healthcare West

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving parts of Arizona, Nevada and the majority of California. With 42 hospitals it is the largest Catholic hospital system in this part of the United States. The organization focuses its services upon the poor, who cannot afford private hospital services. Regardless, the aim is also to provide high-quality healthcare to those in need. The target market is thus the poor in the western areas of the United States.

Taking into account the size of Catholic Healthcare West, it should not be a problem to implement new services without a loss of either mission or customers. New services should however be implemented with the proper care to ensure that the focus remains as originally intended.

The service management strategy of CHW has always been collaborative. By collaborating with...


Both Catholic and non-Catholic groups and hospitals have been welcomed to serve this worthy cause. Collaboration has helped CHW to meet the challenges presented to the non-profit healthcare industry in the modern world. The system is thus sponsored by various charity organizations throughout the western part of the United States. As stated, CHW features 42 acute care facilities. These include 7,088 acute care beds, 1,175 skilled nursing beds, 36,000 full-time employees and 6,500 physicians. The cost of services to the community and the poor during FY99 amounted to $434 million.
It is entirely possible, and even essential, for CHW to move towards a paradigm of prevention and wellness rather than focusing on sickness and cure. This can then indeed be…

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