Marketing Plan: Dove Soap For Men Discuss Essay


Marketing Plan: Dove Soap for Men Discuss the type of product the company will offer and identify its primary characteristics.

In the past, Dove products are primarily associated with "soap" and deodorant, or washes and body moisturizers. Most people have associated Dove products with natural beauty products for women, which allow women to feel like natural women, not associated with a particular "mode" of women, such as the quintessential thin, model type figure. In fact, Dove has primarily been associated with the anything goes type woman; any size, any color. However, Dove Soap for Men is a new type of product, offering a line of products that the man who already feels comfortable in his skin can use to actually feel "comfortable." This point is key; surveys conducted by the company demonstrate that the target population for the company already feels "comfortable" from a physical standpoint, but not actually comfortable, meaning most men have difficulty with the texture of their skin, so they are looking for better quality products. It is important to note that the characteristics of Dove for Men make this product more than just a soap; the new line of products include three separate body washes, two separate bar soaps and a unique scrubbing instrument mean can use to help moisturize their skin. This product is marketed especially toward men who may have been using women's products or a combination of products to try to balance out their skin. These products are made to help men feel confident about the texture and appearance of their skin.

2. Discuss the product branding strategy.

A branding strategy is critical to the success of any marketing plan. The brand helps define the products name, symbol and design or combination of these goods so they are instantly recognizable to the customer. Dove itself is a brand. People are familiar with the logo, and well familiar with the name. Branding is not just important for people to recognize a name however,...


It is essential for people to recognize a product so that it stands apart from others in a line of similar products. The brand of Dove helps differentiate the Dove product from other products like Axe and Old Spice for example, which also offer soap products to men. Branding is about helping the customer not just choosing the product, but helping the customer think the product is the best and only possible choice on the market. It makes other products seem impractical and implausible if done correctly. Most people are already familiar with the line of products and branding strategy that is used to help women feel comfortable in their own skin. The men's line takes an opposite approach. Since Dove is essentially the "brand" the branding approach is to target men that are "comfortable in their own skin" according to Dove representatives, and who want to use the best possible product to protect their skin and keep it moisturized and healthy. It is for men that are not afraid to use products with the best possible ingredients that are healthy and skin conditioning.
The men's products are a characteristically grey/green color that comes in a trim packaging that will appear crisp and clean to men. The smell is crisp and clean. The design is not as feminine as the packaging for men. The package makes a simple yet bold statement that screams, "Masculine." Not sexy or seductive like some of the other male products on the market; rather the product is much subtler in its approach. It is the perfect counter to the natural beauty of the female Dove product.

3. Discuss how the product fits within a product line and the depth and breadth of the line.

Dove offers an extensive product line including women's natural beauty products whose aims include a real people ad campaign including busting beauty stereotypes. The goals of Dove including rewarding people for stepping away from the traditional model stereotypes, and helping people feel comfortable in their…

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