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Marketing Plan of Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless is a U.S.-based company that is focused on providing cellular mobile services through its wireless data services, which includes GSM and TDMA technologies. GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communication) technology is the most basic form of wireless service that allows users to receive data service by connecting their mobile phones to cell site towers of Cingular. TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology, meanwhile, allows users to use the same communication medium over different time slots. With the help of these technologies, Cingular Wireless is able to offer services ranging from text messaging, voice calls, and even multi-media messaging (MMS) that allows users to capture images and use video streaming/messaging with the use of their mobile phones.

Cingular Wireless' Promotions strategy is geared toward the mass communication media, such as broadcast (television) and print media. Through these very powerful media forms, Cingular was able to launch two of its major promotions campaigns. The first campaign uses the slogan, "What Do You Have To Say?" A campaign that aims to inform and encourage consumers to participate in chatting thru mobile phones via Cingular's wireless Internet access service. After this first campaign, "Cingular Fits You Best" slogan was adapted to create diversity and flexibility in the range of services Cingular has to offer to its consumers (Mucha 2003). In this promotional campaign via the television and print media, Cingular subsisted to the "theme of self-expression," the company's way of extending to the consumers Cingular's "celebration of expression and commitment to people" (Leotta 2002).

Cingular's self-expression program also introduces its concept of 'image branding,' allowing consumers to add more personality and diversity in their use of mobile phones and Cingular's wireless services. To achieve this, Cingular teamed up with major mobile phone…

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