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To successfully create an integrated marketing communications strategy that capitalizes on the unique strengths of each form of media, including the use of print, television, online and lickable advertising mediums. Here are the specific, quantified objectives of the media strategy: To increase the unaided awareness of Godiva Chocolatier by 50% over the next 90 days as audited through interviews of the primary members of the target audience.

To attain both unaided and aided awareness of the next generation of Godiva Chocolates in the 20-35 age group.

To successfully coordinate and synchronize print, television, online and lickable media plans to maximize the number of impressions and levels of awareness on a both unaided and aided standpoint. To optimize the level of use of online advertising to order a lickable advertisement if a prospective customer has not yet received one in their magazines.

To rely heavily on direct mail campaigns including e-mails to the most loyal customers to get them to come back into the store and purchase their favorite chocolates for upcoming special occasions and as a reward,

Vehicle selection

Initial vehicle selection for this campaign is going to be in print and television to significantly increase the anticipation of an entirely new type of advertisement. The initial launches of the new flavors for 2008 are going to be part of a broader product introduction strategy that will stress the sensual aspects of the new chocolates and that they must be tried to be believed. The idea of selecting specific vehicles must center on creating a relatively high level of buzz throughout both the general publications but also within the specific demographic segment. The viral marketing aspects of this campaign need to also be brought out through blogs, consumer-generated media, leaked news of the ads to industry insiders, and in short the development of a campaign specifically aimed at building word-of-mouth over the long-term for the products. The selection of media vehicles will also include the use of network and spot television to promote the concept, but also the flavors as well.


As the lickable advertisements are primarily focused on the launch of a new series of flavors, the scheduling of the initial print advertising will be for nine consecutive periods of time in the primary magazines read by women in the target segment of 20- to 35-year-old women.

The media blitz in print will be also front-end supported by television and online advertising to bring attention to the concept of likable advertisements, and the flavors that are included on the strips. The branding imaging and emotions will be focused on sensual, somewhat seductive messaging, including messaging of the emotions between significant others. From this second point, the emotions that most need to be underscored by the brand also need to be clearly communicated as well, through the methods most appropriate for the type of media chosen.

IV. Message Strategy

Key consumer insight

By far the most critical consumer insights are that Godiva Chocolates are associated with achievement and their attainment of an important goal, objective or milestone in the customers' life. This is entirely consistent with the three psychographic segments mentioned earlier in this plan. There also needs to be the consumer insight of Godiva's new flavors being the next "big thing" in sensual pleasure to be shared between couples and significant others. The positioning of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, however tastefully done, is going to be very effective at getting higher levels of awareness with men in the 20-35 age segment. The two messages of a reward for exceptional effort and accomplishment while at the same time stressing the sensual and pleasure connotations can be very effective in initiating high levels of consumer insight regarding emotions the brand needs to evoke to be successful.

Selling premise

This specifically centers on the promise of Godiva Chocolates...


Other Tools (in an IMC plan)
Sales Promotion

The essence of the brand centers on evoking the right set of emotions regarding Godiva's unique messaging. The sales promotion strategy needs to center on the development of as many opportunities as possible to get the samples out across event marketing events including fashion shows and shopping events, in addition to events where members of the three psychographic groups attend regularly.

The goal of this step is to drive up awareness and increase trial rates of the lickable advertisement.

Public Relations

This strategy concentrates on coordinating all forms of consumer generated media including blogs, Wikis and freelance writers, in addition to the more traditional forms of media including newspapers and magazines. There also needs to be a focus within public relations relative to the industry press as well to keep them informed as to the direction of the campaign and its results.

Direct Marketing

As was mentioned in the beginning of this paper, direct marketing will be used to connect with the most loyal of Godiva customers, and ask them to come into the stores and turn in a coupon for their favorite flavors. This will be a highly customized promotion that will focus on transforming those that sporadically purchase Godiva chocolates to become the most active in terms of purchases.

Personal Selling

This specific strategy is related to the corporate incentive programs that Godiva relies on for selling their products as a reward given out by companies to their top performers. Direct or personal selling makes the most sense in this specific area as this approach to selling is the most expensive and time-=consuming to maintain, yet is also the most effective at maintaining long-term relationships overall.

Sponsorships, merchandising, packaging, POP

Integration Strategy

The opportunities for these are significant given the emotions that the Godiva brand evokes. Partnerships, packaging and POP with fragrance providers is easily accomplishable and supports the Godiva brand strongly. There is also the opportunity to tie in Godiva Chocolates with Victoria's Secret and further support the positioning of the chocolates as a subtle aphrodisiac.

VI. Evaluation of effectiveness (Conclusion)

In evaluating the effectiveness of the series of strategies defined in this plan, a marketing dashboard is going to be specifically created to track performance of unaided and aided awareness of specific campaigns, in addition to measuring how many of the more loyal customers come into the store to return their cards received in the mail. Funnel analysis needs to be part of the dashboard to track how effective these programs are in conjunction with one another to increase trial, adoption and eventually loyalty to the brand.

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