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When it comes to the younger consumer Toyota moved to establish an air of secrecy around the Scion both designed and priced to attract the younger consumer. With ads that as:

Pssst... have you heard about Scion (Scion bbX concept (" Toyota created an air of mystery which attracts young adults in any area of life (Scion bbX concept (

Toyota also began holding parties, providing music and using other elements that are attractive to young adults to market its products in the U.S.(Scion bbX concept (


When it came time to market the Toyota Company in China, Toyota originally decided to move toward the marketing strategies it had been using in Japan. This decision may have been based in the fact that China and Japan are both Asian markets, however, the culture of China is moving much closer to the American culture than the Japanese culture, which is something that Toyota did not examine or recognize when it began its marketing campaign in China.

One of the strategies used in the U.S. And ultimately in China was a strategy that compared the sales of Toyota other company cars throughout the nation.

United States residents are highly competitive by nature and Toyota plays on that mindset by reminding the consumer of the popularity of its product.

This was a marketing method that also worked well in the China market.

With the marketing strategies being used in China Toyota managed to collect six percent of the auto industry by promoting luxury vehicles, vehicles for young adults and promoting the popularity of the brand to the public consumer.

In 2001 Toyota set up a marketing aid company in China which focused its efforts on developing propaganda, sales promotions and other areas of business that would boost sales for the Chinese market (Company, 2001).

The concept of marketing in any industry needs to examine, understand and cater to the mindset of the consumers who will make purchases in the industry.


The marketing of Toyota's products in China began with strategies being used in Japan but more recently the company took the steps needed to move toward the marketing strategies it had been using in the United States.

China may be an Asian culture but when it comes to consumer culture it has strongly aligned itself with the United States and all that it stands for.

China has been working toward acceptance by Western nations as it moves into trade organizations and other areas of business, therefore the culture works at mimicking many of the United States attitudes and ideas.

For this reason the marketing strategies of any large company targeting a Chinese consumer base should be founded in strategies that have proven successful in the United States.


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