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223) a person without a condition of some kind, was cruelly marginalized by society, as even the well-meaning people would avoid the connection with someone who was not seen well by the others, so as not to be marginalized in his or her turn. The situation of the woman is again entirely dependent on the man, since the society would not accept a woman who did not perform her usual role as a wife and a mother. Mrs. Smith marriage to a man who was not 'what he ought' obviously affects her long after the death of her husband: "Anne saw the misery of such feelings. The husband had not been what he ought, and the wife had been led among that part of mankind which made her think worse of the world than she hoped it deserved." (Austen, 2003, p. 212) as in Pride and Prejudice, there is an emphasis on the influence of society in the private life of the individual, as Anne is at first 'persuaded' by the others not to marry the man she loves, as it would not have made a good match.

Thus, marriage is seen as a type of social contract in Austen's novels that interferes with the normal relationships that should normally be established between people. The main reason for this is of course the social stratification, and the respect for class and money, as the main values of society. Women were especially wronged, as not being given the slightest independence or the possibility to choose for themselves.


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