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¶ … Marvelous Marvell

We have world without an end, and time as a tool,

Since love, tangible love, breeds not in an empty pool.

Let's sit down and deliberate without haste

Whether to walk or leave the love a day to prostrate.

Lest Dead Sea for Indian Ganges we mistake

And fowl smell, sea shells and fish we take.

For all your complains I withstood,

So should you stand with me through the flood.

Though I may or may not agree,



time and expanse be the Decree.

As our puppy love grows to African Acacias

Mightier, wider than the drying Savannas.

Eon of years pass like galloping horses,

And you behold the commitment roses.

Twice the Eons to keep our chastity,

Even thrice to aid humanity.

Just a decade to our marriage,

Truly I shall approve to your courage.

For Marvelous Marvel, true love waits,

And uses not time as baits.

For by my side sits…

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