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MASSAGE THERAPY Local: Miami State:Florida Institution: Miami Dade College Health Care Career Report Instructions 1 Miami Dade College Medical Center Campus Health Sciences Related Studies HSC 0003, Introduction Health Care Health Job description

A massage therapist is an individual who has been trained to provide massage therapy to patients or clients mostly for medical benefits. There are many kinds of massage therapies, but the most common are aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, and reflexology. A massage therapist should specialize in different techniques to ensure they can cater for different client needs. Massage therapists are required to provide the following in their job description. Apply hand and finger pressure to specific places of the body, they should assess a client's joint quality, joint function, soft tissue condition, motion range, and muscle strength Crosby, 2000.

They should also interview clients in order to establish the required and best massage therapy, assess the client's symptoms, medical history, and other information before commencement of treatment, and massage the soft tissues and muscles of the client's body to provide treatment for medical conditions.

Massage therapists are also required to consult with other professionals in the health care field like chiropractors, physicians, physiotherapists, and psychologists to ensure they develop correct treatment plans Finch, 2004.

They should also maintain all records of client treatment. A massage therapist should also provide guidance to clients on techniques for stretching, postural improvement, relaxation, rehabilitative exercises, and strengthening.

A massage therapist is required to have the following certifications

National certification

State licensing

Training and education from an accredited school

Membership in a professional association

Education and Certification

To become a certified massage therapist one needs to obtain training and education...


Students are taught kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, management, business, and ethics "COMMISSION ON MASSAGE THERAPY EDUCATION RECOGNIZED BY U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION," 2002.
The prospective student is required to study the practice and theory of massage therapy. Finally, they will have to undertake some elective subjects before they can complete the course. Massage therapy is offered in Miami by the following institutions Florida Academy, The Praxis Institute, Steiner Education, Sarasota School of Massage, Dade Medical College, Ridge Career center, and Loraine's Academy Inc. The American Massage Therapy Association, 2013()

The length of time required to complete the course is between 500 hours to 1000 hours. The differences mostly occur depending on the institution one attends. The approximate cost for the course is $15,000.

Depending on the institution one attends the certifications or degrees are

Therapeutic Massage Technician

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy Associate of Science Degree

Massage Therapy Diploma


Massage therapy is on the rise especially in major urban towns. Massage therapists are employed in health clubs, spas, resorts, healthcare centers, and retail centers. Currently there are vacancies for massage therapy in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, Illinois, California, Texas, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. In 2010, it was anticipated that there would be a 20% increase in massage therapy jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics had indicated that there is an expected continual increase in the demand of massage services. This increase would mostly be seen in spas, resorts, health clubs, massage clinics, and chiropractic offices Shroff & Sahota, 2012()

The number of jobs advertised for massage therapists is roughly 20. The positions are located country wide in different states and they mostly require certified massage therapists. The minimum requirement is one year experience within the field. The average annual…

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