Mcdonald's And Hardee's Case Study

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McDonald's And Hardees

In a recent visit to two competing fast food franchise restaurants, McDonald's and Hardees, there were many different operational processes that were identified. For example, McDonald's has a more diversified menu that caters to more consumers while Hardees by contrast seems to utilize more of a niche strategy. Both operations seem fairly efficient and effective towards the operational goals that they seem to promote. I think they are both offering the products that they should be. McDonalds has a larger menu and Hardees has more of a targeted niche.

Each organization utilizes technology to meet their operational objectives and operates efficiently based on these objectives. Between the two operations, McDonald's seem to have the technological edge however and their operations are streamlined through a dedication to operational excellence that uses advanced technological systems as a foundation for its business functions. McDonalds must be more efficient to offer the more comprehensive product mix in a timely manner relative to Hardees however. Yet Hardees could be deemed more effective because they have exploited a premium burger niche. This paper will compare and contrast some of the differences that were identified in these two organizations. Each organization should focus on supply chain management and mass customization.

Product Lineup

McDonalds and Hardees offer very different product mixes. McDonald's have a more comprehensive menu offering that can be divided into the following categories (McDonalds, N.d.):

Burgers and Sandwiches

Chicken and Fish



Snacks and Sides

Desserts and Shakes


McDonald's has been the subject of much people who have tried to publish activist literature that points out some of the negative aspects to the food they serve and the way the company operates. It is clear from its current product mix that McDonald's has taken steps to improve its nutritional stance in its product mix and offers many products that are healthier than previous generations of product mixes such as salads and fresh fruit. McDonalds has attempted to improve their health quality by making their menu's more kid friendly, expanding the menu nutritionally, as well as increasing the access to nutrition (Nunez, 2011).

Hardees by contrast focus on a "restaurant-style" burger which serves as the focus of its product mix. The company offers a little over twenty different styles of charbroiled burgers which are the focal point of the product mix. The company boasts its premium "six dollar" burger that is made from one hundred percent Black Angus. This burger is touted as a more sit down restaurant that is available in the traditional franchised fast food format. Hardees has continued to develop this strategy and offers a wide range of different products that focus on this specific niche. McDonald's previously had tried to compete in the gourmet burger niche however had relatively mixed success. As one critique explained when McDonald's eventually took their Angus burger off the menu (Wong, 2013):

"You can't be the premium and the discount product place. [McDonald's] had to make a choice and they chose to be a discount product place," Puzder says.…

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