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Michael Alexander has done it all in the nightclub, restaurant and bar industry. This award winning individual has successfully managed and owned a number of bars and restaurants over the last decade including such well-known venues as Baja Junkie in Cabo San Lucas, Pussycat Lounge (PCL) in Scottsdale, Arizona and Nikki's in Venice Beach, California. He is currently the Director of Operations for Lucid Entertainment while still overseeing operations of American Junkie, PCL and Dirty Pretty. He is also the founder and operator of Bar University.

Michael's skills include soliciting and managing sponsorships including liquor promotions, establishing and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers, updating and troubleshooting computer system functionality, creating and improving training programs for interested entrepreneurs and directing all operations for a large number of themed restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Michael's ten years of hospitality business development for such well-known entities as American Junkie (themed high volume restaurant and nightclub capable of seating 420 guests and generating a million dollars per annum) and Dirty Pretty (a full-service themed restaurant seating 280 and generating over $3 million dollars per year) have provided much of the textbook material for Michael's latest book written for beginning and advanced bartenders. Other titles include; Marketing/Social Media, Food Service, and Bar Ownership and Management. Throughout the last decade, Michael has opened nine different venues while successfully managing three in-state entities and overseeing operations in three out-of-state operations at the same time.

Another area of Michael's expertise includes…

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