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Freedom and the root of utilitarianism are focused on providing society as a whole with happiness, not just a particular group of individuals in the social order. Mill risks generalizing at this point, as he is inclined to impose his point-of-view without expressing interest in what others want.

It would be normal for someone to want people to achieve happiness, but this is not necessarily the case in Mill's situation, as he believes that his happiness is general and that every person on earth needs to have access to concepts that make him happy. Even with the fact that he was aware of the importance of objective thinking, Mill failed to observe that his theory acted directly against it.

2. Humans have feelings and their lives are governed by various sentiments that they experience through their lives. Mill's theory can actually become simpler if one were to consider things from a humbler perspective. Mill failed to understand that higher pleasures can turn into lower pleasures and vice-versa. A person can become addicted to reading a book consequent to reading a few pages and is probable to continue to want to read it after he or she discovers that the book is not as interesting as he or she initially considered that it was. Similarly, someone can appreciate something as simple as food as a result of a unique combination of blends that are brought together as a result of the fact that a cook is dedicated to achieve perfection in his or…

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