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This has been most apparent through my work to obtain my education certification. In conjunction with this certification, I had the opportunity to work with a middle school aged student in a one-on-one tutoring situation. I brought different materials, and worked with the student once a week in preparation for a state examination. Not only was I able to help the student improve academically at the end of the lessons, but also I impacted him on a personal level. The eighth grader did not spend all of our time together speaking about academics, but also brought personal problems to me for assessment. He said that he struggled with being organized, and also confessed to being bullied. I advised the student to stop procrastinating and confront the bully verbally without anger. The student reported academic success, in addition to noting that the bully had stopped interfering with his studies. This experience allowed me to understand that I could help others just by listening to their problems and making recommendations. Furthermore, I served as the coach of a girl's volleyball...


This group experience allowed me to try my skills at solving problems in a group setting. After serving as a mediator for the team during conflict, I realized that I could help groups solve their problems as well. Thus, I am motivated to be a counselor primarily because I have seen first hand how working with individuals and groups can help them solve their problems and have an impact on their lives. Through my work obtaining a teaching certification, I have determined that children can trust me with their problems, and that I enjoy helping them solve those problems. As a school counselor, I will be able to be an active member of society, helping children solve their problems. Thus, as a history major, I understand the importance of motivation. Because I am motivated by a genuine love for the subject and a desire to help others, I believe I will make an excellent school counselor.

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