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Research has identified ability, effort, task difficulty, and luck as the most important achievement attributions. The last category focuses on two issues: how motivation gets translated into regulated behavior, and how motivation and cognition are linked.

These theories can provide insights into the leader who is trying to motivate others to follow. It must be understood that no two people are motivated in the same way. For a committee with a small number of members, it may be best to look at each person and define how he or she is best motivated and then put these different individuals into groups and decide what can be the specific motivator for each group. For example, those individuals who are extrinsically...
...In order to determine the particular motivations of these individuals, it may be necessary to talk one-on-one with each person or fill out questionnaires that elicit the necessary information. By asking certain questions it should be possible to see what category the individual fits it.

It is also important to remember that these motivations change in different contexts. A person may be motivated by their internal beliefs when helping children, but motivated by external needs when doing something for the parents. Lastly, in some situations, a person may fall in more than one category, since these listed above are only one way to divide up the different theories. On a positive note, once the motivator is determined, most people will be very committed for the long-term in order to gain the gratification they desire.


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