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¶ … Cultures in the Workplace

Kouzes and Posner (2012) state that leaders ensure individuals know they are taken into consideration and not being ignored (p.318). There are several different means of enhancing this kind of celebratory culture given the varying best practices regarding how leaders need to demonstrate awareness of the needs of followers. One of the major ways of paying attention to follower needs and showing that followers are not taken for granted is through creating community. With regards to creation of community, the leader should demonstrate awareness of how celebrations are carried out based on cultural beliefs. Celebrations that are conducted based on cultural beliefs are particularly significant when the working environment is made of various cultures as they are in the modern world. This process would require the identification and establishment of best practices on the issue in order to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace as well as creating a sense of ownership among followers.

Overview of Community Building Practices

Generally, people carry out celebrations throughout the world as they gather in various places and ways to mark significant occasion (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p.301). The celebrations all over the world are carried out in various ways such as elaborate parades, setting off fireworks, attending banquets, and even gather together to show honor during tragic times. The use of celebrations throughout the world is because of their consideration as the most important way of showing respect and gratitude, demonstrating values and traditions or customs, and restoring a sense of...


As a result, celebrations are vital to the long-term health of an organization just like daily organizational activities. Moreover, celebrations are crucial means through which organizations and their leaders communicate the most important things to them and can be achieved through creating a spirit or sense of community.

There are various ways of creating a spirit of community through corporate celebrations, which take advantage of the need to socialize, connect with one another, and create community (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p.305). One of the best practices in community building in the workplace is celebrating accomplishments in public. While individual recognition of achievements enhances the person's sense of worth and enhances performance, public celebration of accomplishments would not only achieve this but also add to the well-being of people and organizations in the workplace. The public recognition of achievements contributes to organizational welfare in a powerful and beneficial manner than private or individual recognition. The second best practice is providing social support given the significance of supportive relationships in sustaining personal and organizational vitality. Celebrations and ceremonies are good opportunities for providing supportive relationships since they help build healthier groups and promote teamwork. The third best practice is investing in fun i.e. A combination of hard work and fun.

How Cultures Create a Sense of Community

The modern workplace is characterized by increased diversity because of the increase in the number of people from different cultures. These cultures have different ways of creating a sense of community in the workplace because of the differences in customs and traditions. One of the cultures that create a sense of community through different ways is the Somali culture. In this culture a sense of community is created through demonstrating warmth and generosity as well as being hospitable. Secondly, the Ohana culture creates a sense of community not only through embracing diversity but also through performing native songs and dances. Thirdly, the Aboriginals create a sense of community through adhering to the responsibilities and obligations of their kinship structure and system in order to create a sense of belonging.

Examples of Contemporary Leaders

One of the approaches that have been used by contemporary leaders in a global context is the Contingency Theory. This theory focuses on the how it's important for a leader to align his/her leadership approach or style with…

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