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From the research I know he was a ladies man. In Joan Peyser's book (The Memory of All That: The Life of George Gershwin) it is 1927 and Gershwin is discovered in bed with one of the attractive women from a show he and Harry Richman were working on. Caught with his shirt and pants still in his hand, Gershwin offered: "Mr. Richman, what can I say to you? I'm waiting for a streetcar?" (Peyser, 2007, p. 136).

Question #3: Music is far, far more than entertainment. A soft playing of Pieces (8) for Piano, Opus 76, by Johannes Brahms is the healing salve that helps a widow relate to the passing of her 88-year-old husband of 58 years. The Piano Sonata in E Minor D. 566 by Franz Schubert is the ideal theme to be played respectfully in the background as a new artist shows her latest abstract art in a downtown gallery. Asking what music means to a person is a way of opening up "the part of the brain to do with feeling and sensation," writes Mary Butterton. Every person hears different things in music. And music while brings the same "shapes and sounding textures" to every set of ears, to our individual consciousness (Butterton, 2004, pp. 2-3) it also brings to wind, in the rain, in the water that runs through small creeks when the snow melts. Music is like "…an internal mirror secretly reflecting back to ourselves who we are and how we related to others in the world," Butterton explains. I agree that while music does entertain us, music is also like a time machine, taking us back to where we were and whom we admired or loved at the time that song was popular. Music puts a baby to sleep, and yet wakes up the father when his clock radio goes of at 5:30 on Monday morning. Does his clock radio play country music? Bach? Hip Hop or rock? It doesn't matter, as long as the station is actually playing music rather than a political rant by a talk show host. Words can drag us down. Music lifts us up and wakes us up.

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