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Managerial Economics

The concept of opportunity cost reflects that when an asset is used, that asset cannot be used for something else. So if she chooses to buy a new car, the resources used to make that purchase cannot be utilized anywhere else. This is particularly important when resources are scarce. In her case, she needs to think about what the decision is. Is the choice between a new car and a used one? Is it a choice between living in an outer suburb with lower rent and a new car, or a hip inner city neighborhood with higher rent and no new car? A new car usually represents some sort of trade-off, and Stella needs to think about what those trade-offs are before committing to this purchase.

The table of total costs is as follows:






Total Cost

Driver cost

Machine cost

This shows that the method with the lowest total cost is method #2.

From an organizational architecture point-of-view, the problems at Enron were created by a couple of factors. One was that there were few checks and balances on senior executive behavior -- from a structural point-of-view they had free reign, and they should not have. Another issue was with the organizational culture, which encouraged a very high level of competition, where only profits and winning were rewarded, and there were no meaningful punishments...


For utility companies, executives should not make output and pricing decisions based on short-run fixed costs. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, there is a high cost to the infrastructure that utilities use -- I'm not sure these costs are short-run. But let's say that they are. There are high costs associated with exiting the business. These high exit costs mean that even if the company has to lose money in the short-run, the long-run strategy says that it is cheaper to lose a little money in the short run, because the cost of exiting and re-entering the business is greater than the losses that these companies will incur. As long as the company is covering its variable costs, it should remain in business. Thus it is the variable costs that should dictate output and pricing decisions, not short-run fixed costs (BIS, 2015).

5. A firm that is in an oligopoly market is Microsoft, with Windows. This product is one of only two or maybe three operating systems that people use for personal computers. Windows has a market share over 90%…

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