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national symbols used in marketing products, sometimes to evoke a feeling of viewpoint, sometimes to add credibility to the project, and sometimes to actually encourage the consumer to purchase based on the symbol. The American Flag, for instance, is used in marketing to prove that something is American made or that purchasing it will help America; it can also be used in certain political campaigns to evoke the feeling of patriotism and therefore the desire to use that particular product to be patriotic. The American Eagle is often used in the same way -- to purchase minted coins, stamps, or as a symbol of freedom and individualism. Flags or strategic positioning of symbols (Mexican sombrero, Irish flag or Leprechaun, etc.) help consumers identify the nation with the brand.

DP 5-2 -- Enculturation is a learning process in which an individual learns the values and behaviors required of them to belong to that group. Acculturation is a process in which cultural and psychological changes occur when one culture meets another -- the interaction between cultures (e.g. Immigrants becoming Americanized). Socialization is also a process, but more lengthy (lifelong) in which norms, customs, and cultural identity are disseminated throughout that culture or society. These are important to marketers so that one can adequately address the particular culture and place the targeted group might be for the individual product or service -- to make the strategic and tactical marketing plans more successful.

DP 5-3 -- Subcultures are a group of people within a culture that tends to differentiate them from the larger culture. For example, the Goth culture is still part of the larger country culture, but has similarities to Goth cultures in other countries. This is important to consumers because it not only allows consumers to have a way to purchase and participate in the subculture (often ethnic food or clothing), without adopting that culture's norms and…

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